Trashy Tuesday Take a Chair They’re Free

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Trashy Tuesday Take a Chair They’re Free

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  We talk trash.  We talk Junk.  We talk general garbage around here, but only about stuff.  As in FREE STUFF.

If you are a regular at Trashy Tuesday, then you may have noticed a peculiarity.  Sometimes my Junk has a theme! This week, it was all about chairs.  FREE CHAIRS.  And you know, FREE is my love language.

I have said it before, it is worth repeating.  When you need something, think about it constantly.  Eventually it will show up in a Dumpster, on the Side Walk, or your friend will call and give it to you.  You can read all about how to manifest a bunch of junk into your life HERE, “If You Think It You Will Find It.  This isn’t just a bunch of rubbish.  It works!

Case in point.  We are having a graduation party here in less than 2 weeks.  We needed more out door seating, STAT.  Problem, patio furniture is expensive.  When you are used to getting things for free for your furniture needs, paying for something can be painful.  I have decorated my entire yard on zero budget (and much of my house too).  Check out my Patio Made of Junk HERE.

Saturday, got a text from a friend in my Junk Network.  Her friend had 4 free chairs, HURRY!  No adress was given!  In a panic, I scanned the picture.  With my highly developed powers of junk detection, I was quickly able to hone in and locate exactly where the chairs were.  I am like a divining rod when it comes to good junk.  Just put something out of the curb, throw a FREE sign on it, and I will find it.

Sunday, got a text from a friend who is moving two states away.  They have lived on the water for the past few years and were ready to leave their California lifestyle.  Would I like some free chairs?  Yes please!  My generous friend gave me four VERY nice patio chairs/rockers.  (just ordered cushions for them)

And! 2 Nice wood chairs that would definitely benefit from some of my favorite CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.

Bonus, 2 free lamps.

Since we didn’t have enough going on around here, I decided Memorial Day was a great day to trash my family room and wash all the slipcovers.  I looked like a pile of garbage by the end of the day.

If that isn’t enough junk for you, I found this in a Dumpster a couple of years ago. Finally got around to removing all the 1970’s era stickers. Smiley Face anyone?

Dumpster Mirror
I photo bombed my own picture.  (It’s going in my bedroom when I circle back to it) 
redouxinteriors photo bomb in mirror

That’s it for this week’s Trashy Tuesday.  Hope you find a chair to sit in.  If not, come over to my junk pile, I have got a seat for you. I hope you have the trashiest, junk filled week. 

Speaking of Trash and upcycling….Congratulations to Ashley Cronin!  Winner of the Upcycled Barn Wood Coat Rack from Micano Home and Garden!  See, I have so much junk around here I have even recruited my friends to join in.  
Sam's Coat rack



  1. Robbie

    Love your blog! However, I wish to point out that your use of ‘their’ should be ‘they’re’.

  2. Kirsten

    Awesome!!! Nice scores!!!
    I have an abundance of free chairs over here however none of them have seats. I plan to make planters out of them when I find time!

    • GTC

      Planters from chairs is a great idea!

  3. Catherine

    Karen, Karen, Karen. You are the QUEEN of FREE! You kill me with the things you find–I never see stuff like you do. Apparently people in these parts aren’t as -hmmmm-
    curb-generous or GoodWill-lazy–???

    • GTC

      LOL! I think I just have a reputation as the junk depository. Thanks though!

  4. Rose L.


    • GTC

      thanks Rose. Yes, CL is a great source for FREE!


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