Trashy Tuesday The Finer Things In Life

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Trashy Tuesday The Finer Things In Life

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Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where I talk nothing but trash.  Today’s trash actually rose to a new level of Junk.  I got REALLY good JUNK!  I scored the Finer Things in Life version of Junk. 

Last year, I found some furniture laying on the side of the road.  Well actually, it was on the side of someone’s house. But it was closer to the road than the house.  I explained my forward thinking of how those items came to be in my possession in The Tables of The Dumpsters.  

When I picked up that FREE furniture, the owner let me know eventually they would be getting rid of a buffet and hutch.  Sign me up!!!  I am always in the market for FREE.  Fast forward a year, and I got an email from the generous patron.  Buffet and Hutch, ready to go!  

I also inherited this LARGE but solid Coffee Table that will look awesome done over in some CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.  It won’t know what hit it when I am done with it. 

Last week I was out walking my dog and came across a pile of junk in someone’s yard who had clearly moved and didn’t take their stuff with them.  The best of the lot were these IRON decorative Cross thingies.  I am passing them off to my friend Sam who does a super cool trick to make things rust immediately.  I am happily trading them in exchange for a couple of slices of Noble Pizza in Reno and maybe some good reclaimed Barn Wood? You listening Sam? 

This morning, I needed more furniture like I needed more furniture.  NOT.  I had my “feeling” I should check my super secret Dumpster.  That feeling paid off.  I found this perfectly lovely, just in need of some CeCe Caldwell’s Paints Nightstand.

Oh and PS.  That is the Trashy but super cool light fixture I started working on with my friend Sam at Micano Home in Reno.  I am sure Sam thinks it is on its way to being almost finished. Sam would be wrong.

I also scored this lamp.  

Seriously people. Why?  Why does all this just get thrown away?  Good thing I am out there picking up Trashy things and saving the world one Dumpster at a time.   You can read about how you can do this too in my Complete Guide To Dumspter Diving Series

Speaking of the world and trashy things….I am headed to Vegas Baby!  Suffering Husband has a conference there, and I am in the area meeting with potential CeCe Caldwell’s retailers.  If you live in the area and have a retail store, or rent a space where you paint furniture and are interested in joining our paint family.  I would love to talk to you!  And definitely not about Trash.

That’s it for Trashy Tuesday.  I am off to Vegas to see the world and be as trashy as I can be.  For a nice Mormon girl that is.  Hope you have the trashiest week and find tons of junk!

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    Love seeing what you do!


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