Redoux Top 12 posts for 2015.

Happy New Year!  I love looking back at the year about to pass to see what projects I shared that resonated the most with all of you.  Sometimes I can guess before I look, sometimes I am very surprised.  Either way, I am thrilled you stopped by here to share my passion for Dumpster Diving, Upcycling, and transforming old things with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.

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This has been a CRAZY year!  I started a new chapter in my life as a Retail Director for Debis Design Diary DIY Paints I have met amazing men and women, passionate about upcycling and growing their business.

However, I had to step away from a regular blogging schedule, but still managed to get a few projects up and shared with you from time to time. If I didn’t have time to pick up a paint brush and write about it once in a while, I would start to die a little inside.  I wrote about everyone’s need to create after I read Elizabeth’s Gilbert book “Big Magic”.

I highly recommend this book to every single person who can read and has a pulse.  It was transformative for me.  (and by the way, that post was very popular, but didn’t make it into this list).

Now onto the Trashy Treasures of 2016.  In no particular order, here are your most favorite projects: (note, not all of these were published in 2016, but they keep coming up in my most viewed posts, thank you Pinterest!)

Barn Wood Overlay Table, stained with all natural DIY Paint Dark and Decrepit Liquid Patina.  This was the ugliest table, but I managed to completely disguise it and create a fun bar cart in the process.  I used old trowels I picked up from my favorite junk store Urban Ore in Berkeley, CA.  Check out the post for the details of how to do this yourself.  It was done in just a few hours too.

Dumpster Bookshelf turned Rolling Island.  Believe it or not, I cut this bookshelf in half, made a rolling island out of it, built those boxes from old wood and used Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint and Dark Patina to finish the look.  Video tutorial included on this one.  Easier than you think! You will never look at an old bookshelf the same again.

How to paint vinyl chairs with DIY Paint.  Yes, DIY 100% Natural paints sticks to Vinyl too.  I have completed multiple projects painting vinyl and the results are durable, and in this case, looks and feels like real leather.

How to create the perfect hand painted sign every time using your Silhouette Cameo.  I got some amazing tips from my friend Bliss at Bliss Ranch.  If you have a Cameo, then you will want to check this post out.  Easier than you think, and in no time, you will have tons of custom painted signs.

Master Bath and Subfloor Makeover using DIY Paints  These cabinets were cheap builder grade Maple Veneer, then now look like high end cabinets.  That floor is a sub floor!  I painted it with multiple layers of CeCe Caldwell’s paints and Glaze, then sealed it with a Marine Sealer.  Check out the post and the Video tutorial to get this look.  It took some time, but was well worth the money saved.

Anthro Inspired Dresser #1.  Remember when a certain style of Anthro Dresser was all the rage?  Apparently, it is still popular as people are still pinning and hopping over to my blog to check out this project.  That is not real wood by the way, that is several different shades of all natural DIY PaintsCaldwell’s blended together. One of many things I love about CeCe paints is how well they blend together.  Because they are all natural, no latex or acrylic, just chalk and 2 kinds of clay, you can blend and manipulate the paint in any way you want. When it dries and cures, you have a solid, no scratch or chip finish.  I call it magic paint!  Complete how to on the post.

Whatever Wednesday, The Dresser and The Drawers Broke up.  This is an oldie but a goodie.  This dresser was featured on many blogs, and ezines, including RoadKill Rescue. You might come across dressers missing drawers from time to time.  There are still lots of uses for them.  I made this over with my favorite DIY Paints. 

If you like this sort of thing, then check out its partner, Dresser Missing Drawers.

Do you like the Chippy look?  It is far easier to achieve than you think.  I show you how in this post using DIY Paints and Canning Wax. Yep, canning wax!

Have you tried to strip and stain furniture before?  Then you know how noxious the fumes are from commercial stains.  DIY Paints Dark Patina is completely safe to use indoors, no fumes.  They are so easy to use and work seamlessly with all of the DIY Paint products. Believe it or not, I FOUND this Mid Century Buffet next to a Dumpster.  The finish was peeling off, I cleaned it up and stained it with DIY Paint’s Dark Patina.  Check out the post and an in depth How To video.

You can easily achieve this same look with DIY Dark Patina without all the chemicals and mess!  One of my most favorite projects, and apparently yours too.  This project was featured all over the Blogosphere, including being featured on Apartment Therapy.  And if you have ever tried to submit a project to Apartment Therapy, then you know, getting it featured is like winning the lottery.  I have been lucky enough to win the lottery a few times with Apartment Therapy.  However, the odds are not in your favor.  They receive literally hundreds of submissions daily.  Getting a feature on Apartment Therapy will drive an incredible amount of traffic to your site.  To up your odds of being selected, make sure your post is well edited, you have clear and high quality photos, and if it is selected, make sure you have thick skin.  Apartment Therapy readers are a bit like the chef judges on Iron Chef.  They tell you exactly what they think, and sometimes they think your project is not to their liking….’nuff said.  :() 

Last but not least…..My favorite piece of furniture in my home. Why? Because it is made of 100% Upcycled Junk!  The Bench Made from Junk consists of an Ikea Headboard found in a Dumpster, a Garage Door panel cut down, also found next to a dumpster (you can read HERE about my outdoor space  (braggety brag here, my vertical garden made from a pallet was featured in Country Living Magazine and still lives on their site, it still lives on this post too).  I created with the rest of those panels), upcycled wood for the support, a railing from an old twin bed, and the pad is made from an old drop cloth, stuffed with the innards of an old comforter.  Of course, it is painted with DIY Paint! 

That wraps up your favorite posts for 2016.  I hope you all have a very Happy New Year.  May 2016 bring you tons of good fortune, and if you are like me, lots of amazing Dumpster Dove treasures.

That is it for Redoux top 12 posts for 2015!


  1. Lisa Haley

    My favorite was the dresser with the baskets. Baskets are awesome. It’s so versatile. And I totally agree about Big Magic. I listened to the audio book three times in a row. (Read by Elizabeth Gilbert herself.)

  2. Patty Soriano

    I’m glad that things are going so great for you, but I sure miss seeing your finds and transformations on a regular basis. I miss you, Karen! Hope you find more time this year to show us what you are doing. Are you even looking behind the favorite secret dumping spots any longer? Hope to see you again soon. Happy New Year!!

  3. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

    Wow – you are one busy gal! From dumpster to distributor! Love that mid century piece – why wasn’t it by my dumpster?! That book is my my list this year. Hope your 2016 is off to a wonderful start – happy New Year my friend!!


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