Trashy Tuesday Free Upcycles

Dumpster Diving Diaries, Le Junque

  1. Patty Soriano says:

    Karen, both tables would be great with a nice paint job. But then, you knew that. I’m sure the complete one would sell quickly. Drop leafs are great. The one without a top could be sold as a fixer upper…I have a vintage enamel top that would be perfect. Don’t you have an orphan table top you could add to it ?

    • GTC says:

      Thanks Patty! The table top part of the drop leaf is literally peeling apart. I don’t know if it can be saved. I wish I had an orphaned table top around here, but I have long since used them all up.
      Maybe we need to introduce your vintage enamel top to my table base:)

      • Patty Soriano says:

        ah, yeah, I can see the top lifting up in the photo. Wood glue ? Okay, no spare table tops around the garage…. but what is it you always say??? Wish for something and it appears ??? Soooooo…… get wishing, Lady! Put your order in before the weekend AND end of month moving junk deposited on the curbs and dumpsters! Hey, you send me the table bottom and I’ll put my enamel top on it !! 🙂 Have a good 4th!!

  2. […] I cleaned the entire piece thoroughly with TSP Solution, wiped it off, then gave it a light sand.  There were some parts on the top that required a good spray coat of Laquer to keep the stains from coming through.  This was for sure a bleeder.  You can read about how to take care of this pesky problem HERE. […]

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