Trashy Tuesday Free Upcycles

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Trashy Tuesday Free Upcycles

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Welcome to Trashy Tuesday.  Today’s post is HOT.  And not just because it is hot where I live and probably hot where you live too.  But HOT as in I got some HOT stuff this week and if I bring anything else home before upcycling it into something useful, I will be in HOT water with Suffering Husband.

I found this broken record player stand some weeks ago.  It has been nicely holding up all the other junk I seem to drag home periodically.

Last week I posted the Free Dresser Makeover and it looks SO lovely in our Master Bedroom that I thought I should keep going and finish what I started.
Mark's nightstand before and after cece caldwells paints redouxinteriros

This has been Suffering Husband’s Dresser for many years now.

 It was also a freebie (like almost everything in my house).  You can read all about that amazing makeover HERE.  It was really a star back in the day, Apartment Therapy even featured it and I still get some traffic on it.  It’s star is fading and a bit tarnished now…..

Time has come to move on from this Free Dresser. The drawers are wonky.  They tend to just fall out if you pull them out too far.  The knobs don’t seem to want to stay on, and I am ready for a bona fide, GROWN UP DRESSER.  Dare I say…  Perhaps not if I can find what I am looking for on CL.

Trashy Tuesday friends, there comes a time in every junker’s life when you must realize not all things you desire to furnish your home will be free and sometimes, you must actually shell out cash to pay for a quality piece of furniture.  Sigh….

Back to my trash at hand.  Which, by the way was FREE.  We have had our uber cool record player on top of the old dresser. It isn’t the most attractive thing.  (The record player, not the dresser)

I realized I could remove the old record player from my free Stereo Cabinet.

Stereo cabinet parts redouxinteriors

And my new record player fits perfectly inside it.  

Now to figure out how to build something that will slide into the slot in the other pull out door that can hold the records.  I will probably paint this piece in my favorite 100% Natural CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk and Clay Based Paints in Pittsburg Grey, Vermont Slate or neutral of some sort.  Or, maybe I will go with one of our new colors, like Las Vegas Fuchia!

All of this does not solve my dresser problem.  Do you see how I solve one problem I didn’t know I had, but still leave the bigger problem to be solved?

Onto the other junk.  Suffering Husband and I were out for a walk last week and we saw these two forlorn tables on the curb.  After a thorough examination we decided they were not for us.  Well, at least I tried to convince myself.  Next morning while walking the dog, SURPRISE, they were still there.  I took this as a Trashy Tuesday Upcycle Sign.  Or maybe I just CANNOT resist the word FREE when it comes to Junk. 

Guess what, they came home with me.  I have NO CLUE what I am going to do with them.  Would very much welcome any and all of your opinions, that don’t include throwing them out.  🙂

That wraps up this week’s Trashy Tuesday Free Upcycles.

Hope you stay cool, find Hot Junk and your week is totally Trashy. 


  1. Patty Soriano

    Karen, both tables would be great with a nice paint job. But then, you knew that. I’m sure the complete one would sell quickly. Drop leafs are great. The one without a top could be sold as a fixer upper…I have a vintage enamel top that would be perfect. Don’t you have an orphan table top you could add to it ?

    • GTC

      Thanks Patty! The table top part of the drop leaf is literally peeling apart. I don’t know if it can be saved. I wish I had an orphaned table top around here, but I have long since used them all up.
      Maybe we need to introduce your vintage enamel top to my table base:)

      • Patty Soriano

        ah, yeah, I can see the top lifting up in the photo. Wood glue ? Okay, no spare table tops around the garage…. but what is it you always say??? Wish for something and it appears ??? Soooooo…… get wishing, Lady! Put your order in before the weekend AND end of month moving junk deposited on the curbs and dumpsters! Hey, you send me the table bottom and I’ll put my enamel top on it !! 🙂 Have a good 4th!!



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