Trashy Tuesday Broken Chairs and Chairs

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Trashy Tuesday Broken Chairs

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday and Broken Chairs and Chairs!

More broken chairs and chairs you ask?  Why yes!  The more broken and the more chairs the better. Actually, not better.  But when it comes to chairs, I just can’t stop myself.

Imagine the possibilities that are out there for broken chair parts and just more chairs!  I could keep myself blissfully happy making things from broken chairs and repurposing chairs for the next 5 years with all the chair parts and chairs  I currently have in my stash.

This was a great link and round up I found at Country Living of what other creative Bloggers have done with Broken Chair Parts. 

You might recall the recent collection of chairs

I found this Mid Century Modern chair on its last legs, LAST LEGS, GET IT??? So indignantly dumped on the streets of Berkeley.  Not to mention the chair companions that were tossed along with it.

My Manny the Mannequin has really enjoyed this chair set I found for free one day while just running errands and minding my own business.  The mannequin? Well, you can read about my full on Dumpster Dive to get him HERE.  

This chair was covered in 40 years of hard core 2nd hand smoke.  I had to put on a hasmat suit to clean it, but I managed to give it a gorgeous new look by SPRAY PAINTING it with Metallic Spray Paint.  You can read about that HERE.

I also have enjoyed painting leather chairs when the leather was completely stained and beyond redemption.  

And since I couldn’t stop myself with just painting leather, I also had to paint these two Vinyl Chairs too: 

I made a funky bench out of these two chairs that were a free to me passed on from a friend who got them for free too!  Someone bought the bench and maybe the chairs will stay together for a while.

This is my favorite chair.  The BIG CHAIR at Squaw Valley, Tahoe, CA.  My kids have had their picture taken almost every year since this one in the Big Chair.

I am technically on “vacation” this week, but I can’t help but notice some of the junk people have in their front yards.  I am using all my self discipline to not haul more junk back home from 2 states away. 

That’s it for Trashy Tuesday Broken Chairs.  Hope you have a totally trashy week filled with all kinds of good junk.




  1. Patty Soriano

    Wish I could find some broken chairs that have JUST the right pieces to fix a set of good antique chairs I’ve got that are missing some of the cross pieces below the seat…what are those called ?

    • GTC

      The Stretchers! Have you tried looking on Ebay? Sometimes you can find odd ball parts for furniture there!

      • Patty Soriano

        really? ebay? hmmm. never thought of that. Thanks for the idea!


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