Trashy Tuesday Free Stuff

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Trashy Tuesday Free Stuff

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where it is usually Wednesday by the time I get this post up!  

Who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?  I do, as long as it is good Free Stuff.  The last week was filled with Free Stuff coming my way.  Most of it pretty darn good.

Suffering Husband’s Partner was going to give these solid Oak chairs away, but donated them to my cause instead.  (The cause of filling up my garage with other people’s old things and Dumpster Diving Finds, feel free to donate).

Not only did we receive 2 of these lovely Solid Oak Chairs…..

(and by the way, that chair is sitting next to my Bench Made Entirely of Junk!) 

We also got a Free Swiveling Bar Stool! 

Free Oak Chair redouxinteriors

Now don’t cringe all you wood purists.  The Oakey Oak look just isn’t my thing.  They will be lovingly transformed with my favorite 100% Natural Clay Based DIY Paints.  

Hey, just because it is solid wood, doesn’t mean it can’t be painted.  They need to conform to my house rules here, and the rules are that everything must look funky or eclectic.  

I found this Coffee Table next to a dumpster in one of my favorite hunting grounds.  Not sure what I will put in the spaces where probably glass lived.  Ideas? 

On that same day I also found this lamp.  In the Trash!  Perfectly fine, perfectly fine people. 

A while back I did a Hometalk Live segment on Hometalk Facebook.  I made an entire mudroom out of an old door and a dresser cut down.  Everything was 100% upcycled. 

This is the rest of the dresser.  I plan to cut it down and make a little bench out of it too.  I will show the whole lovely upcycled door and bench next week…..hopefully. 

And!  Last week I had 5 minutes to actually paint something.  I painted this Free To Me table in DIY Paints Bead Board, the base is in DIY Paints in Weathered Wood as are the polka dots.  It isn’t finished yet, will share the beauty shots when I get there….

Sometimes you better be careful what you wish for.  I wished I could find more things to paint (sort of, I just think about it, and POOF, it arrives).  I think I have honed this strange skill from years of Dumpster Diving.  

I also wished for HUGE success with my new adventure with 100# Natural Clay Based DIY Paints as their retail director.  Can I just say, I LOVE what I am doing?  Working with one of my dearest friends, Debi Beard, owner and founder of DIY Paints is like working with the perfect other half of my brain.  I think I over wished!   We are growing like gang busters.  New retailers and new applications, and paint flying out the door.  It is so much fun getting to know retailers across the U.S. and becoming inspired by their never ending creativity and amazing business ideas.  It has been so rewarding to see new people trying our paint and retailers beyond excited because DIY paint is selling so well.   

However, it leaves me with a little less time to paint.  Life is always a balancing act, and there are always seasons.  Tis the season for my Garage to Runneth Over and for my heart to runneth over with joy from all the amazing people I have had the opportunity to work with and who are discovering 100% Natural Clay Based DIY Paint every day.  There is so much good Mojo going around here, I do feel like every day is full of FREE STUFF full of treasures of people, opportunities and joy (and even some junk mixed in). 

If you would like to know more about becoming a DIY Paint Retailer, CLICK HERE.  

In the meantime, hope you have the Trashiest week and find plenty of your own good Free Stuff.

That’s all my Junk for today.





  1. Patty Soriano

    Loving the oak chairs! and that little table. I absolutely go ga-ga over little tables! For the glass-less coffee table…. is there an outside chance that a piece of floor tile would fit into each of the openings ? Or tin ? If not, I think I’d use scrap and make a whole ‘nother top! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • GTC

      Oh I love the idea of using tin! It’s pretty big, so I might have to improvise. Who knows when I will get to it, my garage is packed!! Oh well, I can’t stop collecting 🙂

      • Patty Soriano

        saw a show…. think it was Salvage Dawgs…. where a couple of guys topped a table with a piece of tin. Used small nails around the edges and down the middle where they had to overlap pieces. Looked SO cool ! If you don’t have a piece large enough, use smaller pieces and do the same thing, use small nails or upholstery tacks on the edges. Would look great to fill just the two empty spots, or a complete top re-do. You can do it…. I know it!


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