Trashy Table Makeover

This table was trashed.  I found it….where else?  Next to a Dumpster!

It sat in my garage for a long time.  Sort of like all the other Junk I collect.  There must be a “curing” period for my trash.  It goes like this:  Get the urge to Dumpster Dive.  Find Something amazing.  Drag it home.  Let it sit in the garage for a good 6 months. Finally get inspired to make it over….or….put it up on local Facebook Free Site.  

Luckily for the table I was inspired!  I painted the base color in Debi’s DIY Paint in Bead Board.  It’s a beautiful white, just not too bright white.   

The table then sat like that for another 2 weeks. Inspiration did not hit all at once!

After a particularly good workout, inspiration must have sweat out of me because I moved onto the next part!  I painted the base with Debi’s DIY in Weathered Wood.  I LOVE this color, so much that I also painted my Dresser with Decoupaged Fabric in the same color.  

I can’t just paint something straight up.  It has to match my quirky personality.  What’s more quirky than Polka Dots?  I used a Circle Stencil to paint the “Dots” on the top.

Junk Side Table polka dots DIY Paint Weathered wood redouxinteriors

Check out how I painted this table in my video!

When the paint was dry, and probably another week or so later….I sanded the entire piece with a 320 grit sandpaper.  This made the table super smooth and allowed me to slightly distress the edges.  You can also distress DIY Clay Based paints with a damp rag!  Just dampen a rag, use your finger as the tool and distress away.

Free Side table polka dots DIY Paint redouxinteriors close up

I love my Trashy Table Makeover and with DIY Paints and Polka Dots, it fits in perfectly with all my junk around here.  
Junk Side Table with polka dots and junk bench full view redouxinteriors

Just in case you think my home is always perfect in all it’s junk made over glory, here is how we really live.

Next time you see a trashy side table, make it over.  Just stop back here for some inspiration. 



  1. Liisa

    Love it!

  2. Gwendolyn Collins

    What a finding that table was! And what a great job you did with it. Congratulations for being so creative and for inspiring us to such degree!

  3. penessays

    That is really wanderful to give second life to the thungs that are nice and you can use it.


    You know, I, too, often skimp on all kinds of fleas. Sometimes there you can find cool things

  5. my paper services

    Instead of that what to alter something we with the husband it is better we shall buy such little table. We do not have the imagination to invent such


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