Trashy Tuesday Free Furniture

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Trashy Tuesday Free Furniture

Yep, you read that right.  I found a whole bunch of Free Furniture.  Or, some may consider it a whole bunch of junk.  Perception and attitude is everything right?

Want to know something REALLY WEIRD?  I found this Memo board.  I MADE and sold at least 5 years ago ….in a DUMPSTER last week.  What are the odds?  It’s weird enough to find your junk in a thrift store, but hello, the garbage????  Wow, that’s just a head scratcher from the Universe from the Junk Cycle to Me.  I think I found that frame for free too!  

frame with chicken wire found in garbage redouxinteriors

If you are not up on where to find the good stuff, read my 3 part How To Dumpster Dive Series.  And then, read THIS post.  It takes practice, but it works.  I am a living, junk filled to the brim proof.

So what else did I find?  Apparently it was get rid of your baby stuff, from like 1973……

Love this little child’s chair:

And just a hop, skip and a jump away, I found this High Chair! It was at different locations.  Maybe someone was spreading the Dumpster love?

high chair found near dumpster redouxinteriors

Then, as if that wasn’t weird enough, I found this Crib Spring while I was curb side shopping in my neighborhood.  These are great for Message Boards.

I also found a big  dresser.  It looked like this when I found it:  

And here was the rest of it’s innards, with stuff still oozing out!  

I did manage to get Humpty Dumpty back together again in my car.  That might be why my back was hurting so much?  

And here it resides where it will wait its turn, patiently to be made over with Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint. 

And!  As if all that wasn’t enough!  I found this Nightstand.  Someone left it out during the night.

I STILL have more to share.  But let’s spread the junk love out.  I have a super duper good story to share with you about my Junk Connection.  How I ended up with more good spare wood than I know what to do with and some beautiful free Pine Wood Wine Crates for storage.  Stay tuned. 

free wine crates with free wood bottom redouxinteriors

For now, that’s a wrap for Trashy Tuesday Free Furniture.  Hope your week is totally trashy and filled with tons of good junk.



  1. Patty Soriano

    ooooh, love everything, karen! I’m a sucker for little chairs. Love the big chest of drawers. Night stand…. so cool! Can’t believe the frame and chicken wire came back to you. Hilarious! time for another redoux! Keep the trash coming…. love to see what’s next!!

    • GTC

      Hi Patty! Just wait if you are a sucker for chairs! Oh dear, I have hit the jack pot with chairs and my latest post is coming shortly. Thank you so much for always stopping by and commenting 🙂

  2. ColleenB.~Texas

    Boy, you really hit the Jackpot in getting some wonderful finds. Amazing; what are the odds finding something that you had sold years before……………..1 in a million maybe.
    That highchair and that little chair are adorable. If I lived closer, I would buy right now as is. I see your dog is also checking at that highchair. :}
    Them wine crates are pretty cool. I have a few wine crates stored up in the shed but some I have been using in storing my OOPS paint in, cookbooks, etc. They are great storage boxes.
    I’m so looking forward to your next weeks updates; but then I always look forward reading your blog and seeing all your wonderful treasures as well as your make-overs.
    Until next time; have a great day and week.

    • GTC

      Thank you so much Colleen! I HAVE to sort out all my junk again. I am working on my latest post and the garage is filled to the brim. I did put bottoms on the wine crates, so when I get my act together, I will sell them! Thank you for stopping by as always, stay tuned!

  3. Leigh Garrett

    Good haul! I found three dressers a few weeks ago. Have fun painting.

    • GTC

      Thanks so much Leigh! So far, my junk collection is way outrunning my ability to flip it. No more room in the garage after my latest post, so stay tuned!

  4. Michele Hayden

    Don’t ever change…you are my junking hero!

    • GTC

      Oh thank you so much Michelle! I have to slow down the junking habit at least temporarily. I am now at critical mass! lol. See you soon with more junk!

  5. Patty Soriano

    Just had to send this: Today’s newspaper in Dear Abbey:

    Dumpster-Diving Habit Causes Some Concern for Family

    Immediately thought of you. 🙂

    it was actually a daughter writing about her 80 year old father who dives behind a grocery store and eats what he finds. She’s quite worried about him. He is planning to make something for an upcoming family gathering out of the dumpster finds. Uh-oh.


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