Watching Time Turn Into a Mirror

Old Clock Turned Mirror Pinterest

This post was originally posted several years ago, but it’s a timeless classic and could easily be done with old clocks from thrift stores, etc.

I had this old clock, that I LOVED but the clock was dying a slowwwwww death. The company I bought it from has long gone out of business. I thought about finding a replacement clock to fit in the space, but then I had a better idea!

This is what we started with:

Red and White to change it up a bit:
Then some stenciling in my favorite language (that I faux speak)
I also used my favorite dark wax.  I use this sometimes instead of glaze because it gives a good (grimy?) for lack of a better word, look, plus it is easier to control
Take a cheapo plain mirror (it was on clearance for $2.99!!!)
And antique it, for directions to this process, go here
I also added a bit of the same wax to the parts of the mirror I antiqued.
Voila! A new mirror and a new life for a clock that had run out of time.Â



This is not a literal translation, but then my husband can tell you our house is full of French grammatical errors.
“Share your light”
Now go share yours with someone!Â
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  1. Lucy Designs

    wow, I really love this, it looks great!!

  2. Nat

    Oh it's sooo cool! I love the port-hole feel of it–and the faux french! 🙂 Thanks for linking it up to my Mirror week party!

  3. Jasa Pembuatan Website

    OMG, I always love vintage style. And you just give me an inspiration with my father old clock. I think I should make one too. LOL


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