7 Surprising Tips for Finding Free Furniture

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  1. ColleenB.~ Tx. says:

    Wonderful Tips. Thank U.
    I don’t drive so it’s hard at times for me to have my hubby take me to garage sales, etc. but have found some wonderful items curb side and then I do have 2 daughters that help by finding things thinking or knowing I may want it.

    • GTC says:

      Colleen, you have trained your family right! Curb side finds are the best, and if you have people watching out for you, all the more opportunities to make sure you are finding free stuff!

  2. Diana Lopes says:

    I simply love these tips!! After this comments I’m already gonna go walk around my neighborhood, LOL. Thank you!!

  3. Robin says:

    Sometimes the thrift shops will have a pile of FREE outside, in front or out back.
    Also, dumpsters behind business complexes….People have a habit of taking things to dumpsters and leaving them in front of them (rather than call their municipality and let them know they have a BIG item for trash day).
    Cruise garage sales as they are ending and ask if they are giving anything away…or even cruise by later and you will see some stuff at the curb.
    I trained my kids REAAAAAALLY young to trash pick. (They HATED it! lol) I had a song I would sing when I saw something on the side of the road….”Traaaaash Piiiiiiiick-a-s” sung in a Bill Murray-on-Saturday-Night-Live creepy kinda way. They would yell, “Noooooo!!!!” Good times, good times….hahahaha
    My grandfather had a junk yard when I was a kid. He would find all sorts of “goodies” in the old cars and trucks. My grandparents had a box of toys they would bring out when we visited. We would say, “Pop! Go get the junky toys!” We loved that box of old busted up stuff!!! hahaha
    I started trash picking as a kid…and would fix up stuff and then have a yard sale!
    Junking is in my blood!!!

  4. A Junque Network Friend :) says:

    I think the long slatted trays are for drying fruit. Linda N. uses something similar to dry apricot halves. Cool find!

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