How to Decorate your Home With Free Furniture

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How To Decorate Your Home With Free Furniture

Seriously?  Free Furniture?  To Decorate your home?  Where would you find enough of it?

If you hang around here, you will see how I easily find free furniture every month!  No matter where you live, I guarantee, somewhere near you, even if you have to drive a bit.  There is free furniture to be found.

To start your Free Furniture hunt, I suggest you check out my 3 Part Dumpster Diving Series HERE and brush up on How to Develop Your Junk Network HERE.

To decorate your home with Free Furniture, you have to be able to look past what the piece may have originally been.  Use your imagination, check out some of my Furniture Makeovers HERE and Tutorials HERE to see how to upcycle broken pieces for new uses and get started decorating for Free!

Ready?  This is what I found over the past few weeks:

This Nightstand!  Seriously.  FREE.  This was from an Apartment Dumpster Diving find.  Remember to check often & especially at the end and beginning of the month when people are moving.  

Next up, Free Cabinet. This is where you have to use your imagination and some DIY Skills.  Easy stuff for beginners, I promise.  Use a Jig Saw (Get the one I like best HERE) to Chop off the side of this former Bathroom Vanity. I am using upcycled Fence Boards for a top, read about how to get those HERE I love my Dewalt Jig Saw and use it all the time.  Follow THIS tutorial from Remodelaholic  to build some Barn Style Sliding Doors for the Cabinet doors, or use Drop Cloth Curtains on a simple rod.   

Add pieces of 2×4 blocks into the bottom like I did on THIS rolling Cabinet, add Casters and you have yourself a new Buffet or Island.

Drawers!  2 of them in fact.  

Good solid drawers can make excellent Storage Bins.

Put some wheels on the bottom of a shallow drawer and you can make an under a bench or chair shoe storage area like I did with THIS Drawer.

Smaller Drawers can also be used for entertaining, like these Glass and Silverware Caddies I made.

You can take the Fronts off the Drawers and Make Signs too.  Just fill in the pull holes with Dry Dex.  I do this trick all the time.  Put Painters Tape on the back, then fill and fill again. BTW, got this awesome tip from Gail at My Repurposed Life, one of my favorite DIY Blogs.

Free Side Table!  This table even had the Glass intact in it.  I am removing the glass and using FREE Wood, cut into planks to make a new top.  I am using Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint Dark and Decrepit Liquid Patina as an all Natural Stain.  Works great, and you can see how I did that in THIS post.  

Now here is where the imagination really has to kick in.  I found this Industrial small table thingy.  It had rotted wood for a shelf in the bottom.  I saved it to use for a template to make a new shelf.  I can make a top out of more of those Upcycled Fence Boards, do some kind of fun Paint Finish with DIY Paint 100% Natural DIY Chalk & Clay Paint and have myself a pretty cool Industrial Vintage Side Table, with wheels!  

Are you ready to Decorate your home with Free Furniture?  I hope this inspired you to think outside the Dumpster.

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Hope you have a totally Trashy Filled week.  





  1. Patty Soriano

    Went over to my friend’s house earlier. She’s had a table out in the back corner which had seen better days. The top was falling apart since it was pressed wood. HEY, I yelled…. Wanna get rid of that table ? I can do something with those legs! So, in the truck they went. I’ll find something, may already have something, to use as a table top. The very tip of the legs were a bit rotted from sticking in the ground, but I’ll saw those off. Cool beans !

  2. Audra @ Renewed Projects

    Ha! Think outside the dumpster! Perfect saying! Love the industrial-to-be-sidetable. Great find!

  3. Aarsun Woods

    The cabinet is nice and very cozy. I have more ideas for the design of your living room. Thanks for sharing !!!

  4. Home Appliances in UAE

    These are the best ways to remodel your home with old furniture. I always seek of finding such great ideas.


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