How to Decorate your Home With Free Furniture

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  1. Patty Soriano says:

    Went over to my friend’s house earlier. She’s had a table out in the back corner which had seen better days. The top was falling apart since it was pressed wood. HEY, I yelled…. Wanna get rid of that table ? I can do something with those legs! So, in the truck they went. I’ll find something, may already have something, to use as a table top. The very tip of the legs were a bit rotted from sticking in the ground, but I’ll saw those off. Cool beans !

  2. Ha! Think outside the dumpster! Perfect saying! Love the industrial-to-be-sidetable. Great find!

  3. Aarsun Woods says:

    The cabinet is nice and very cozy. I have more ideas for the design of your living room. Thanks for sharing !!!

  4. These are the best ways to remodel your home with old furniture. I always seek of finding such great ideas.

  5. Good way to reuse the old furniture.

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