How to Turn a Bookshelf Into a Rolling Cart

Did you know that a mediocre 2-shelf Bookshelf is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture?  You can do so many things with one of those!

I mentioned last Trashy Tuesday I received a very burned bookshelf from my friend who had a fire above her garage.  

The bookshelf needed a lot of cleaning, but structurally, it was still sound.  It just not looking too attractive.  My friends couldn’t believe I wanted it!

I knew right away I wanted to turn it into a rolling cart.  That is one of the best things you can do with any short bookshelf.  I turned it over, cut off the peg legs, and then screwed in some scrap wood in the corners so I would have a place to put the Casters.  By the way, that scrap wood was from a bed railing a friend had given me.  Seriously, folks, don’t throw good wood away!

Now it was time to paint. Because I had cleaned the burned bookshelf so thoroughly, I was ready to paint with my favorite 100% Natural DIY Clay Based Paints.  I used a combination of Prairie Gray, Faded Burlap, and Bead Board.  I was trying to achieve a beachy “weathered look” and I think I got pretty close. 

To get this look, spray the surface you are about to paint lightly with water.  Then brush on a bit of the darker color, followed by the two lighter colors.  Used the same brush or another brush to “blend.”  Keep spritzing with water and blending until you get the desired look.  Don’t worry if you put too much water on and the paint starts to just stick to your brush.  Just let it dry and start the process again.  It’s a layering trick and may take a few times to get the look weathered enough.

I knew I wanted a rustic look, and I have tons of these old Fence Boards I got from my friend’s major land sale last Spring.  Remember I got all those chairs?  

I started by cutting the Fence Boards to Size, cleaned and sanded them, and secured them with wood screws around the perimeter.

I laid the Fence Boards on top for the Final Touch to create a rustic finish. 

I almost wish I had kept this one for myself, but off it went to my space at Consignment Envy and sold right away.  

That’s it for this piece of Trash.  I hope you got some great ideas on how to turn the next bookshelf you find into a rolling cart.

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  1. Delilah

    Love this! Great job!



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