Trashy Tuesday Clean Out the Garage

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Trashy Tuesday Clean Out the Garage

Did you know that nature abhors a Vacuum?  It’s a true principle.  And your garage, well at least my garage, abhors being empty.   Trust me, if you are needing to clean your garage out and are having a hard time parting with your junk, just trust in the junk cycle of life.  Get rid of your stuff and better stuff will come around.

I JUST cleaned my garage and side yard out again.


If you have been around here awhile, you may feel like this post is a repeat.  Rest assured, it is brand spanking new.

I have posted several posts on my accomplishments of Garage

side yard cleaning

and even a Video way back before there were even Smart Phones!

Each time I VOW to curb my Dumpster Diving Curbside Shopping ways.

And every time I clean out my garage, something magical happens.   Someone contacts me with an awesome piece of free furniture, or I find something, without even trying.

This is what I got today for my garage cleaning efforts.

My neighbor around the corner had a garage sale last weekend.  This was a Garage Sale Leftover and they needed it gone.  GONE.

I spent a total of $60 for the Buffet, in perfect condition and the cabinet.

For now, I can get my car in the garage.  And the Buffet and the Cabinet.

Maybe if I clean my Garage out a little more, better stuff will show up.  

Do you want to be a Super Hero Free Stuff attractor?  Do you need Better Junk? 

Does your Garage need a major clean out?  Then get rid of your stuff and just wait for the Universe to fill it up again.  If you want to speed up your process of getting good stuff for Free or practically nothing, then check out how How to Develop Your Junk Network Post HERE.

I better get busy with that Buffet, the Dresser and a bunch of other stuff.  I have plenty of DIY Paint on hand and plenty to share if you want to get some for yourself!  You can order HERE or pick up locally at Consignment Envy.

Do you plan to clean out your garage?  Do you have a piece of furniture you want to makeover?  I am now offering FURNITURE PAINTING WORKSHOPS at Consignment Envy.  Click HERE for details and to sign up!

That’s it for Trashy Tuesday.  Hope you have a totally Trashy Week.  







  1. Tracey B

    I know that I need to do this so badly. My garage and back pergola are so full of wonderful trashure that it’s hard to find what I need. So much stuff and so little painting going on – BUT the thought of parting with it is just as stressful as keeping it. Classic catch 22
    GTC do you toss, give away or sell your excess stuff? I don’t know where to start ?

  2. SH

    Amen Sista!

  3. Leigh Garrett

    I thought about cleaning out my building and have some kind of project party invite people and they leave with stuff.

  4. Delilah

    Wow! Loving that buffet! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!
    I’m a little jelly! Not gonna lie! 🙂



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