How to Makeover Vintage Buffet to Boho Buffet

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How to Makeover a Vintage Buffet to a Boho Buffet

Boho look.  Layered and chippy. Drippy and Free.  Oh how I love you!  This look is so easy to achieve!  Have you seen this look around the internet?  Probably the most awesome examples of this look comes from DIY Paint Retailers Dionne Woods of The Turquoise Iris and Quitta Allen of All Shabbed Out.  These two ladies create magic with DIY Paint, and this is one of my favorite looks they create.

I have always wanted to make over one of these BIG Vintage Buffets, but the price tag on obtaining one for a makeover did not fit into my FREE budget.  With all my snooping around Dumpsters and Free Furniture I find, you would think I would have come across one.  Eventually I did!  

About 2 months ago, a neighbor had a garage sale.  Checking out Garage Sales at the end of the day is one of the best ways to get a bargain. This Vintage Buffet was standing on the Driveway, 5:00 Saturday and no takers.  The price tag was $250, I offered the owner $60 thinking “no way” will he take this.  Not only did he take it, he helped my husband load it into my car and tried to give me some more free stuff!  At that point, I realize I probably should have offered $10…..

After watching a lot of FB Lives with The Turquoise Iris and All Shabbed Out, I decided to take the plunge.  So here is how I did it, Redoux Style.   

I started with a light sand, just to get some of the deeper dings out, but for the most part, I just went for it.  DIY Paint will stick to just about any surface and rarely do I do more than a cursory wipe down.  It’s so easy!  I removed all the hardware, sometimes I leave it on, but in this case, I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be.  It’s a personal preference.  Usually I remove the hardware.  You can always paint to match, or do something similar after you get your piece the way you would like it.

I painted one good coat of DIY Paint in Hey Sailor.  DIY Paint is highly pigmented, so even one coat will cover really well.  I was busy keeping up with my Facebook Live Daily Challenge, so I don’t have as many “in progress” pictures.

After the Hey Sailor had dried. I went back and “outlined” the areas in another coat of Hey Sailor, then filled in the middle of the top, the middle of the drawers and the middle of the cabinet doors with Farm Fresh.  

Now for the super fun part.  While the paint is still wet, hit it with a spray bottle of water, or for even more drippage, (is that a word?) use White Vinegar.  You can check this out in action here at my FB Live:  CLICK HERE For the Live Video.

You can repeat this process several times to get the look you want.  After the Dripping had dried, I decided to go back in and just a hint of Old ’57, just around the middle where I added the Farm Fresh, but only one one side.  The look I was going for was a natural way the sun might hit your piece, so it would only be one side.  I had so much fun with all these colors, I needed to capture the moment.  

To finish off the look, I doused the whole thing in DIY Golden Ticket.  This is a Liquid Patina that acts like a Paint, or thin it with water or Clear Patina and it is a Glaze.  It also reacts really well to the White Vinegar Misting action.  Golden Ticket is SO popular, we keep selling out of it!  If you go to DIY Paint to order some, and we are out, don’t despair, we are gearing up to add a whole bunch more to the shop.  

I hit the edges of this Vintage Buffet Turned Boho Buffet with Golden Ticket, then used a tapered Paint brush and sort of rolled it around on the edge of the top.  This way you don’t really see the brush marks, but you see the beauty of the Patina.  

Now to for that hardware.  At first, I dripped the colors I had used over the hardware, and added CowGirl Coral.  The base color of this Vintage Buffet was pretty close to Cowgirl Coral, and I love the color combo.  

I needed to tone that look down a bit, so I used a wire brush and Scotch Green Pad to rough them up, then dabbed on DIY Dark & Decrepit Dark Wax.  

Just a dab will do ya!

To finish the piece, I lightly sanded the entire Vintage Buffet turned Boho Buffet with a 500 grit sandpaper.  I usually go with just 320, but this was special, and I wanted the smoothest finish possible.  I sealed the entire piece with DIY 100% Natural Clear Wax for the smoothest, softest and most durable finish.  

I am so in love with those drawers!  

This Vintage Buffet turned Boho Buffet  is now for sale at my space at Consignment Envy in Brentwood California.  It almost didn’t leave my house!  I had so much fun with this finish, I can’t wait to try it again.

Want to try your hand at this look and turn your Vintage into Boho?  It is so easy and so fun.  Click HERE to get yourself some DIY Paint.

Thanks for checking out my Vintage Buffet to Boho Buffet Makeover




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