How to Decoupage Fabric Over Painted Wood

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How to Decoupage Fabric Over Painted Wood

How to Decoupage Fabric Over Painted Wood

Are you a fabric hoarder like me?  I have scraps upon scraps of decorator fabric I have “saved” for that one project I might do one day.  Well, that day has come!

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Dumpster found hardwood dresser redouxinteriors

I found the perfect project to try to decoupage fabric onto.  This old Dresser I found for FREE!  Check out my Trashy Tuesday series if you want to see more of the fantastic stuff I pull out of Dumpsters.

1st Step in Prepping your Piece for Decoupage and Paint

I cleaned the entire piece thoroughly with TSP Solution, wiped it off, then gave it a light sand.  Some parts on the top required a good spray coat of Laquer to keep the stains from coming through.  This was, for sure, a bleeder.  You can read about how to take care of this pesky problem HERE.


After the cleaning, you are ready to paint your furniture

Next, I painted the entire piece in 2 coats of my new favorite color.  Debi’s DIY Paints in Weathered Wood.  I LOVE this paint. Super easy to use, and the names and the colors are all on-trend and fun.  And the best part, DIY Paint is clay based and 100% Natural.

dresser with decoupaged fabric lower drawers redouxinteriors

Tip: When painting furniture where the drawers will sit flush with the frame, be sure to paint the insides of the frame too.  If your drawer pushes go past the edge, or even if it is flush, you will see where you didn’t paint.  

That is the equivalent of having your underwear sticking out of your pants. 😉  It’s also really lovely to line your drawers….

dresser with fabric decoupage drawer lined redouxinteriors
Dresser with fabric decoupage corner redouxinteriors

After Painting, smooth your piece with Sandpaper

Once the piece was dry, I lightly sanded the entire thing in 320 grit sandpaper.  This smoothed and burnished the paint. You can see the beautiful striation of the clay coming through when you use a higher grit of sandpaper or even a brown grocery bag!

I sealed the entire piece with one coat of DIY Liquid Patina.  Another amazing product.  I used it to seal my work as a top coat, to Decoupage my fabric, and you can even use it as a glaze or a stain.  It can be tinted with any color and will penetrate over raw wood or add a beautiful hue and layers of color to any project.

Dresser prepped with fabric redouxinteriors


Play around with the Fabric before you start the Decoupage over the Paint

To get a better idea of how the fabric would look before I decoupaged it over the paint, I played around with it until I got the order I liked to get a better idea of how the fabric would look.  Talk about drawers overflowing! 

Here is a quick video to show how to use Liquid Patina to Decoupage Fabric.

dresser with fabric decoupage in closet redouxinteriors

And here is the finished project again.  You may think this is a funny place to put a Decoupaged Fabric Dresser; it is in my master bedroom closet!  It makes me happy every time I walk in there.  It’s a little too girly for Suffering Husband to have in our Master Bedroom.

Ready to do a project of your own with this look?  You can grab the products right here! 

Grab the DIY Paint color and a Liquid Patina to get Decoupaging on your next project! 

Click here to grab your supplies.

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How to Decoupage Fabric Over Painted Wood


  1. Catherine

    Looks FAB!
    Suffering husband will grow to love it too!

  2. Delilah

    Love this!! I’ve been wanting to add fabric to a piece of furniture but have been nervous about it! I’ll have to stop by your store and pick up some liquid patina! Thanks for sharing!

    • GTC

      Thank you so much Delilah! I LOVE using DIY Liquid Patina as a Decoupage Medium, it is way more forgiving that other decoupage mediums, and it also doubles as a fabulous top coat. I did this dresser quite a while ago and I touch that fabric every day. It has held up beautifully with no finger marks whatsoever. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Dawn

    Looks gorgeous Karen like always, and I agree, weathered wood is becoming one of my favorites to😁 I am doing a bench right now and I am going to use that funky new green. I’ll send you a pic when it’s done! My question: I just bought some of the DIY topcoat, would the patina make a huge difference when I seal the wood on the bench? Thanks see you soon.



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