Trashy Tuesday What The Junk?

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Trashy Tuesday, What the Junk?

Happy Trashy Tuesday!  It’s been some time since I have share some of my amazing Dumpster Finds and Road Side Rescues!

I haven’t stopped my trashy ways, I have just been BUSY!  As Retail Director for DIY Paints, Retailer of DIY Paints at Consignment Envy in Brentwood, CA and a full house with College kid home, it’s been awesome, but a little nutty.  Oh, and did I mention we also got a new dog?

Enough about my junk, let’s get to the real junk, as in what the junk have I found recently?

I actually saw this chair dumpee heading towards the Dumpster with this chair.  I pulled over in the parking lot and just waited…..As soon as it left his hands and he had turned his back, I was on it.  I probably could have just intervened, but what if at the last minute he decided it was not Dumpster Worthy?  Better to actually allow the Free Furniture to leave the Dumpee’s hands before you grab it 😉

I don’t think I am going to attempt to reupholster this piece.  It’s in pretty good condition, but the color will get a change up with Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint.  You can read all about how she painted her couch HERE.

Are you in need of a Dresser?  I was!  I needed a “new” dresser for my son’s room.  Something that was actually made of wood and the bottoms of the drawers would not fall out.  I actually got this for FREE at Consignment Envy where I sell DIY Paint and my furniture.  It needed some sanding and a few repairs.  It got a new Stain treatment using DIY Paint’s Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina.  Super Easy, brush it on, let it dry.  Repeat until you get the darkness you like.  

Chairs, Chairs and Tables? Do you need Table and Chairs, Just Tables, or just Chairs?  I have it all! I found TWO complete Dining Sets.  YES, you read that correctly.  TWO.  A Farm Table with FOUR perfectly good and very sturdy Chairs.  (I sold the whole thing as is).

And what is that I spy behind the Garbage, just a few weeks later???

Yes!  Another complete Table and Chair Set.  I cleaned it up a bit, and sold this as well.  I have given over to the idea that every single thing I find must be painted by me.  If it is an easy flip, I am flipping for it.

Update!  Oldest daughter home from college with an internship in the SF Bay Area!  Problem! We don’t have a suitable dresser for her to store her stuff in.  Not in the mood for shopping for another dresser, but you need one ASAP?  No problem, follow my steps in How to Get Free Furniture and your dresser, or Table, or whatever piece of furniture you need will make itself known to you.  It did for me!  I seriously knew before I went out that day, that I would find a dresser in the exact place I looked.  My Apartment Dumpster Haunt! 

Now that you have all this nice furniture, are you in need of some more chairs?  I have got you covered!  Found these guys behind a Shopping Mall Strip…..You just never know! 

If you stick around here, you will soon learn that so much of my home is decorated with FREE FURNITURE I upcycled.  Check out my Projects Gallery to see some of the stuff I have done over the years.  You can also check out my post on 7 Surprising Tips to Getting Free Furniture.

How is your Piano Bench doing?  Ours is well worn.  So worn, that sitting on the fold up lid of it is a little like seat surfing while playing the piano.  The Piano AND the original Bench were free, so I figured, when the time was right. The next FREE Piano Bench would come along.  It’s a stretch, but this is our new Piano Bench.  And I have done nothing to it.  I know, shameful…..It’s not so pretty. 

And just to round out Trashy Tuesday, What the Junk?  I am sharing with you what is left of my old Ranching Fence Posts from my major score about a year ago.  My friends bought a Ranch near by, the owner literally did not throw ANYTHING away since 1917.  And left most of it outside…..They agreed to get rid of the junk if he would leave them the flat bed trailer on the property.  A deal was struck, the trailer got left, and they called me!  You can read all about how much I packed into my van at Digging For Junk .  I used every last Chippy Fence post to frame out old Bookshelves, like this one you can see HERE

I have one “bushel” left basically of the skinny, really hard wood Fence Posts.  Have a project I will sharing with you soon where I put them to awesome use.  Don’t turn your nose up at old Fence Boards, especially if you can get old chippy Picket Fence Boards!  

Once again, I clearly have some work cut out for myself.  It’s almost impossible for me to NOT go Dumpster Diving, but I try to limit my excursions when I have such a plethora of great Junk!

What did you find this week or recently?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.  That’s it for this Trashy Tuesday What the Junk.  Hope you have a totally Trashy Day.




    So exciting! I love to see the trashy finds! That’s a lovely old chair, and the table & chairs were also lucky finds.

    • GTC

      Thank you so much Florence! I got extra lucky with the finds this week 🙂


    It sometimes amazes me the things people toss away! Good to know people like you recycle in the best way!!

    • GTC

      Thank you! Been doing this for a lot of years, and it STILL amazes me what people throw away!

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