Trashy Tuesday A Garage Full of Free Furniture

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Trashy Tuesday A Garage Full of Free Furniture 

It happened on a Saturday, when I had JUST cleaned out my garage and was just going about my day….Phone call from a friend who is moving!  They needed all their junk out, and they needed it done that day.

AND they happen to have bought a ranch that had a ton of Old Furniture and JUNK on it.   When they first moved in, they did an initial junk purge and I ended up with a ton of stuff.  In fact, look at how packed my van was! 

Just like nature abhors a vacuum, my garage abhors being empty!  For REAL!  If you have been around here for some time, you may have seen that my garage is like an accordion.  I will clean it up, give everything away, and the next day a phone call or text will come in from someone offering me a bunch of free furniture.  

It happened just like that again.  I informed poor Suffering Husband that said friends were moving, had a ton of FREE furniture and I would be needing his help in offloading it to the newly cleaned garage.

My friends were so grateful I came to help them clean out their ranch of unwanted furniture, they were even generous enough to load up their trailer with all new finds. When Suffering Husband saw it coming down the street, he actually groaned……

Do I need a Free Dresser?  Heck yeah!


Old Cupboard (seriously needs help)

How about another dresser?   Just need to fix that drawer 🙁

This one is cool.  It’s a hybrid of a Long Dresser, Tall Dresser, Buffet of sorts.  I am saving this for some place in my home.  

I love the long pulls on this dresser.  Not so much all the paint peeling off of them. 

Everybody can always use an extra small chest of drawers. Even my garage. 

This desk was a “I think I went too far on the free thing”.  It was once probably quite lovely, but sadly, due to some serious furniture neglect, it looks like it will literally soak up dozens of hours of redouxing.

Do you want a garage full of Free Furniture?  It’s easy!  Clean out your garage, like really CLEAN.  Purge all unwanted items, give thanks for all the SPACE you have now….then wait.  Your phone will ring, buzz, ding, or you will find enough stuff to fill it up again in no time.

So my friends, that is how you get a Garage Full of Free Furniture!







  1. Patty Soriano

    Well! I totally misunderstood that when I saw it on Facebook! here I thought you were looking for people to come by and take it from YOU! Everything is awesome and can’t wait to see what you do with it. What do you do with single dining room chairs that you find ?

  2. Christy James

    Ha ha that is seriously always what happens!! Great haul!!

    • GTC

      So true! As soon as you clean out your garage, work space, it fills up again!

  3. liz

    Love that old cupboard and growing up, I had the same exact long handled dresser. Looking forward to see how you transform these lovelies.

    • GTC

      Thanks Liz! That is so fun you had a dresser like the one I have in my garage. I have never seen anything like it before, still haven’t had a chance to start on it, but hopefully soon!

  4. Cheryl

    Never. Fails. I’ll have a garage sale, give leftovers to Goodwill. And the next day will start passing houses with great furniture sitting on the curb. Oh, and maybe I’ll drive down the alleys behind houses the night before trash day. Somehow I can always fill the van and then the garage again. I’ve only got one friend trained to call me when she sees good stuff on the curb. I need to train more friends. Something about an empty garage beckons to be filled!

    • GTC

      That is so funny Cheryl! It is so true that nature abhors an empty garage! Sounds like you are doing just fine with only friend looking out for you! Maybe the universe knows there would be no more room in your garage if the word got out that you were a serious junker, lol!

  5. naush

    I hear you sister !! We bought two sheds which are now bulging from their seams with ‘stuff’ !!
    I just realized you coined the absolutely perfect name for OUR HUSBANDS ! – Suffering husband is spot on.
    Those chests and dressers look like they have some good bones left in them. Can’t wait to see, how you redoux them 😉
    Much love from Dubai

    • GTC

      Thaks so much Naush! LOL on the “Suffering Husband”, my husband coined himself with that name! And it is so fitting! I just finished a couple of those chests of drawers, will hopefully be sharing soon!

  6. Jaime

    Love it! Happens to me all the time and it’s such a rush of excitement! I can’t even find my garage again the furniture is piled so high! So fun to hear I’m not alone ?

    • GTC

      LOL! Jaime, you are so not alone with the furniture hoarding! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂



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