Trashy Tuesday – House of Junk

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Trashy Tuesday – House of Junk

Is your house literally full of junk?  Mine is, in a roundabout way.  If you are new here, take a look at my junk makeovers.  About 90% of the furniture in my house is upcycled, JUNK.  Exhibit A.  My Bench Made Entirely of Junk complete with Shoe Storage from an Old Drawer.

You are here for the real junk though, right?

I have a garage FULL of junk.  Other people’s junk.  Stuff people have literally placed in or around a Dumpster.  This lovely table and chairs was next to the Dumpster at church a couple of weeks ago.  Oh, the blessings of going to church!

I sold this lovely set yesterday to a sweet family who were so happy to have a new solid set.

I am frequently the lucky recipient of people’s junk (giveaways).  I have worked hard to develop my Junk network, if you really want free furniture (that’s good free furniture) to start showing up and your house become the house of junk, then read more of my tips HERE.

I got this Magazine/Sewing table from a sweet friend whose mother had passed away.  I was able to sell it for a small sum to a family that had lost their home in the Northern California Paradise Fire.  I DID offer to give it to them, they wanted to pay.  That was a really nice exchange for me.

Back to the Trashy Tuesday and the House of Junk.  Yesterday was April Fool’s Day.  In my house, it is a venerated holiday where you better be prepared.  I was not!

Suffering Husband played me well with my own JUNK!  He got up at 4 am.  FOUR AM.  He moved the majority of the junk in my garage, inside the house….

I am a fanatic about everything being cleaned up and put away downstairs when I go to bed.  I like to start the day with a clean slate and clean downstairs.  Imagine my shock, horror, surprise, then pride in my husband’s ability to punk me.  When I started my early morning descent, and noticed there was stuff all over the living room. 

As I rounded the bottom of the stairs, I realized with horror it extended into the Dining Room, the Kitchen Counters and Family Room. 

The worst part of all of this….My garage is still full of junk!!

And….since Sunday was my birthday, 50 years young!  I celebrated Monday by cruising as many Dumpsters as I could in the early hours.  Thank goodness I didn’t find more stuff.  My house is already a house of junk, I need to leave the junk for some other Dumpster Diver.

That’s it for Trashy Tuesday – House of Junk.

Do you have a house of Junk?  I would love to hear about it in the comments.



  1. Sheila

    Oh how I envy your dumpster diving ability! We’re very limited in our area, as dumpsters are usually in a gated, locked area and have security cameras. :(. I am going to start looking around at some of the apartment houses at the last and first of the month though. Love your blog and want to thank you for so much inspiration!

  2. Patty Soriano

    I can’t believe Mark did that! SO fun !! Good for him! I hope he helped you put it all back. 🙂

  3. susan

    I am dying laughing ? ?? What a great prank! I really do love all the stuff you do with junk! It’s AaaaMaaaZing!?

  4. Lisa Inglish

    I’m on my husband about making more space in our garage so I can get creative with junk too! Meanwhile, I have an old kitchen cart just like the one in your picture above. I’m using it in the laundry room right now for a folding area, but I’m dying to know what you plan on doing with yours! Oh, and Happy 50th!


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