How to Find Free Furniture – 5 Easy Steps

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How to Find Free Furniture – 5 Easy Steps

This is an updated version of a post I ran in November 2018.  I am always discovering new ways to find free and adjusting and improving my skills.  Read on if you want to get the best tips on how you can find free furniture!

If I were a superhero, and had only one super power, it would be to make  free furniture appear and come home with me.  Check out my post and you can become a Free Furniture Super Hero too!

I am not a superhero, just an average suburban mom.  BUT! I have managed to hone this super power and bend it to my will.  If you check out my Dumpster Diving Series and THIS post on how to find Free Furniture, you can develop this SuperPower yourself and always find free furniture.

Are you ready to start “Manifesting” a whole bunch of Free Furniture and JUNK?  Are you ready for your garage to be overflowing with Free goodness?  Then let’s get started.

#1 Always be on lookout for Giant Dumpsters in residential neighborhood

I always take the residential roads when out and about Saturday.   GARAGE SALE and MOVING DAY.

I live in the suburbs, and there is ALWAYS a garage sale or someone moving.   One Saturday I spotted a Giant Construction Dumpster.  I need a bumper sticker that says “I brake for Dumpsters”.  Of course I had to pull over and climb up the side, peer in to see if there was anything worth rescuing.

Not only was all this free goodness inside, but the owner of the dumpster told me to take what I wanted and opened the front for me to haul it out!

#2 Go where people literally cannot take their stuff with them.

For Real.  Yes, it may sound a bit morbid, but you would be amazed at how much quality furniture gets thrown out when people pass away.  There is a large assisted care facility near my home.  Sometimes when someone passes on, the family is not interested in the loved one’s furniture.  This is where you come in.  Often they will put it in the Dumpster area and the city will later remove for them.

This is how I scored this Drexel Heritage Credenza and 2 MidCentury Modern Chairs

#3 Always drive BEHIND major shopping center

Not only do stores often throw things out that are broken, but this is prime area for illegal dumpers who just want to offload their unwanted furniture and don’t want to pay fees for the dump.  I have found mirrors, dressers, bookshelves, chairs, you name it.  My favorite was this broken console behind Kirklands.  I made it into a rolling bench/shoe storage.  Read all about how to make this project yourself in THIS post.

#4 Check Facebook Marketplace on a regular basis for FREE.

It seems like instead of this game petering out, it is just ramping up.  I am astonished at the goods that get tossed to the curb every day.  I recently picked up this SUPER cool Vintage Chair from Facebook Marketplace for free.

#5 Go everywhere with an expectation of Free Things will appear to you

You know that tip we were all taught when learning to drive?  Check your mirrors every (how many seconds)?  Add to this is to check the sides of the roads at all times when driving.   Consider it an extra safety measure, you need to know what’s going on in all areas of your driving view.  Who knows when a dumped dresser might just appear on a sidewalk or side of the road? Or in this case, on the side of a walking trail…..I had to pull them out of the bushes, but they were dumped there!

It’s true principle that shifting your mindset will in fact change your reality.  If you go about your daily routine, with an open mind that things will just “find you” as you need them.  Trust me, they will.   Over the years I have found incredible roadside treasures, garage sale leftovers, dumped decor.  My favorite was this Buffet that was a garage sale leftover.  The owner was moving and just wanted it gone.  You can read all about how I repurposed this piece with my favorite DIY Paint in THIS post.

Want more info on how to Dumpster Dive, how to makeover your junk, or just want to see what I find for FREE?  Subscribe to my blog!  Check out my “How To Dumpster Diving Series” and be sure to check me out of YouTube.  More Junk Makeovers coming soon, so subscribe to my channel!

That’s How to Find Free Furniture in 5 easy steps!

Do you have any good tips for finding free furniture?  Favorite Junking tips that I missed?  Please let me know about it in the comments.

Have a super Happy and Trashy Week, see you next week for my Junk!








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  1. Patty Soriano

    waiting for you to make some more curb junking trips. Let’s see you find some more!!! 🙂


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