Trashy Tuesday Garage Sale Leftover

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Trashy Tuesday Garage Sale Leftovers!

Garage Sale Leftovers!  I have decorated much of my house from free Junk and Garage Sale Leftovers are one my favorite ways to get free furniture.  I am also sharing what I got for free from my Junk network and of course, the Dumpster!

It’s been a while since I have posted some good freebies! This one is for my friend Patty who has been an awesome follower of this blog since the very early days, many years ago!

If you haven’t seen me on YouTube, please go check out my latest video and follow me there for more junk makeovers!  Check out my latest video 🙂

No matter how packed my garage is, I cannot seem to NOT Dumpster Dive, cruise Garage Sale Leftovers, and look for free furniture. (and yes, I am aware that I used a double negative just now…)

Can I help it if I get a call from White House Black Market, Store Manager (a lovely Women’s clothing boutique at my local mall) wondering if I have any use for all these leftover frames…..Um, yes!  I high tailed it to the mall, loaded up my car with tons of ornate frames they had used for displays.  If they can’t give them away, they have to THROW them away

Friends, make friends with your retail shops, you never know when they might be calling you with some awesome free stuff.

Garage Sale Leftovers!  On Saturdays, I sometimes cruise around neighborhoods “window shopping”, often I will see something I like, and know instinctively said item will not sale, priced too high, etc. and the odds are high it will be put out for free when the sale is over.

This is how I came to acquire this lovely small chest of drawers!

I also picked up this crib that was on the posts, I thought if I put legs on it, it could be turned into a really neat planter.  If you think Dumpster Diving is just for furniture, think again.  I have landscaped my yard, complete with plants and pots I have found in a dumpster!

Remember, I always tell you to develop a Junk Network.  It has paid off again and again.  I got these beautiful Mission Style Nightstands from my kid’s former Guitar and Trumpet teacher.  You never know where that good free furniture may come from!

I am breaking with tradition and sharing my Garage Sale purchases!  It’s a RARE event that I actually will pay for something from a garage sale, but my neighbors are moving and they needed everything out.  I took pity and decided to make a donation to the cause.  I picked up these Shutters:

There is no way they wanted to move this mirrorless mirror.  I love it and will probably make it into a Chalkboard:

Who says you can never have enough lamps or frames?  Well, I do, but here are some more anyway

That’s it for this week’s Trashy Tuesday Free Living Room Furniture.  What awesome things did you find?  Are you a fan of Garage Sale Leftovers?  Let me know in the comments -K



  1. Patty Soriano

    HAHAHAHA ! …. and here I am, Karen! I went to the grocery store today. It’s a few towns over. I saw a few things beside the road in the trash piles. Told myself….if it’s there when I get back, I’ll stop. 🙂 Well, the first thing wasn’t. It was a children’s car. I didn’t need it, but I was thinking of our church rummage sale. I hope a parent got it for their little one. I stopped for a rocking chair, but it was in horrible condition upon closer inspection, so I passed it up. But then I turned a corner. Started seeing more piles. Worried for my cold stuff from the store. I won’t be long, I told myself. I did pick up some planters. An old dove-tailed box. A door to something, just for the vintage hardware handle. And then some parts to a cheap DIY piece of furniture, just for the casters on the bottom and the hardware on the front….the little things you see on card catalog drawers. Wish I had picked up the two beds. Would have been good for the church sale, or some family, but forgot to go back for them.

    • GTC

      Patty that’s so awesome! I love that you are always looking out for others when you are picking up good trash too! What an awesome find, and I hope none of your groceries were harmed in the process, haha!

  2. Carole

    When the zombie apocalypse comes I will be well stocked with lamp shades frames and baskets. Just saying.

    • GTC

      That’s hilarious! Thank you for stopping by!


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