Makeover a Lingerie Dresser with IOD and DIY Paint

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Happy Trashy Tuesday! It’s a Lingerie Dresser Makeover! It was time to start clearing out that garage full of junk again and finally get to a diy furniture makeover. 

I am VERY good at adding to the collection of junk in there. If you have not had a chance to check out some of my Trashy Tuesday posts on Dumpster Diving, then please start HERE.

This wood furniture piece has been in my garage for probably over 2 years. That is probably making all of you who only have one piece at a time to work on very uncomfortable about now. But truly, with this much stuff, how is a girl supposed to choose who goes next?

My friend Kim from Just South of Urban moved a couple of years ago and “gifted” me all her pieces she didn’t want to pay to move across country. I happily accepted her generous offer and fully planned to flip that dining room furniture and living room furniture within a month. We all know how that story turned out!

Last August, DIY Paint announced 9 new colors.

About the same time, Iron Orchid Designs came out with their new collection of stamps. I knew it was a sign from heaven. I had to choose a piece from the stash to makeover and I landed on this beautiful Lingerie Dresser.

I had so much fun making over this old Lingerie Dresser. I used my favorite DIY Paint in Cherry Picked and Iron Orchid Designs Stamps – Lady of Shallot to create the depth and texture.

I started by giving this piece a thorough cleaning. (2 years in my garage and let’s just say there was good layer of guck on it). I used diluted white vinegar and water to really give it a good clean surface.

Time to get painting. Because DIY Paint is highly adhesive and won’t crack or chip. It’s not a latex paint, and there is no acrylic, so it is the only true Clay Based paint on the market, which means the special formula is highly pigmented and brushes on like velvet. It’s pretty amazing stuff to work with. I didn’t sand or prime, just went straight in with a paint brush.

Disclaimer here……I was super motivated to get this Lingerie Dresser made over that I did not take before photos, these are stills taken from my video, which I (highly) recommend you watch!

Here is my latest video detailing how easy it is to makeover your furniture using DIY Paint. I share some really easy tips on how to use Iron Orchid Designs Stamps as well.

When painting furniture, remember to use long brush strokes and follow the rule, “less is more”. It’s better to do 2 or 3 thin coats of paint versus a thick coat. Kind of like painting your fingernails (if you have the kind of fingernails that can handle paint, I most definitely do not 😉

I painted 3 coats of DIY Paint color in Cherry Picked. Sanded lightly with a 320 grit sandpaper (this smooths the finish and provides you with a very soft result). Followed by a light sand of 220 grit sandpaper to lightly distress the edges.

I added the paint over the entire surface, including the drawer pulls. 

Time to apply the stamps. I discovered that using a Makeup sponge, lightly loaded with DIY Paint in Little Black Dress was easier at getting in all the little detail areas than a brayer loaded with paint for this job .

Check the video for tips on how to use IOD stamps and get ready to seriously up your furniture and decor makeover game!

When the stamps were dry, I applied a nice even coat of DIY Paint 100% Natural Clear Wax, followed by DIY Paint in Black Wax to really add depth and drama.

I am not a drama kind of girl, but this piece, being that it is after all….a LINGERIE dresser needed some serious drama, and I think the paint finish really brought that out.

And that my friends is how you makeover a Lingerie Dresser with IOD and DIY Paint.

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By the way, this piece as of November 25th is available at my space at Spinola Farm & Co! 220 Oak Street, Downtown Brentwood, CA.


  1. Patty Soriano

    Karen, is it a lingerie chest ? or jewelry chest ? Do the sides open up ? It does look pretty though.

    • GTC

      It is actually a jewelry chest! I named it wrong….It sold! The sides open and it is really durable 🙂

    • GTC

      Thank you so much for coming by!

  2. Aida Rubio

    I have an old jewelry chest , gave me a good idea.. thanks
    do you have IOD color transfers to sell?

  3. Tiffany Goss

    This is one of the most beautiful pieces that I have ever seen! It is truly inspiring.

    • GTC

      Thank you so very much for the sweet comment on the lingerie dresser, I am so sorry, I just now saw it! -Karen


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