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Big Announcement

Happy New Year! Are you the type that makes New Year’s Resolutions? I LOVE thinking about all the new things I might accomplish this year.

Top of the list is….drumroll please! Turning my trash into cash in a BIG way!

I am opening a store!!! Along with my friend and business partner, Randi Moser.

The new store is Alluv Place. Alluv Place is not only a clothing, home decor, gifts for baby and mom, local wares and creative workshop boutique. Alluv Place is a gathering place to find your joy, build your community and discover how to live your best life.

2020 means perfect vision. Our “focus” is to create not only a joyful place to shop, but a new kind of business where you can have a beautiful experience, whether it be through taking a creative workshop, listening to an inspiring speaker or just enjoying an over the top shopping experience.

What does this have to do with turning your trash into cash?

We are bootstrapping Alluv Place every step of the way. If you follow along here, you will know I have a great love of Dumpster Diving! Because opening your own store is not only a Herculean task, but you need CASH!

That’s where the Dumpster Diving comes in! Most of the upcycled pieces you will find at Alluv Place will be our finds from FB Marketplace for Free, Dumpsters, Curbside Shopping and donations.

We started our Dumpster Diving Adventure off well! The first stop we went to, we found these awesome chairs! We are going to give them an amazing makeover with DIY Paint and some IOD stamps. (PS I have been known to Dumpster Dive in heels and a dress, this is normal right?)

We also found this door that we quickly turned into a piece of art using DIY Paint in Old 57 and IOD new Transfer “Wallflowers”.

I also found some wood chairs with decent seats in tact!

I started their makeover today with DIY Paint and Iron Orchid Designs. You can catch my live video here! HERE

Adopt a Rescue

One of the features of ALLUV Place will be “adopt a Rescue”. Not an animal, a piece of furniture! Every month we will have a “featured” rescue. Customers can come in, pick out their favorite color (s) of DIY Paint, even kick it up a notch with some IOD embellishments, we will make it over or they can do the work themselves.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Want to learn more about how to turn your trash into cash? Be sure to sign up to get my latest posts and check out my Dumpster Diving Series.

Want to find out about our latest news at Alluv Place? Be sure to hop over to my Facebook Page and sign up for the newsletter. @Redoux

Until next week, hope you have a totally Trashy Tuesday.


  1. Patty Soriano

    and you didn’t even put a run in your stockings!!! The sign of a true professional!

  2. Melanie

    Great ideas …I support you and all the effort you invest in to bringing ideas into reality….keep up the good work


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