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What’s your Blending IQ?

How are your blending skills? What is your blending IQ? Don’t worry if you answered low! Have you tried layering and blending paint to create that elusive “old world” lots of layers finish? I have a secret for you, it’s SO much easier than you think. And YOU can do this too.

AND you can watch my video to see the step by step of EXACTLY how to do this.

Makeover your old stuff

I am willing to bet you have an old dresser or piece of furniture in your home or garage that is itching for a makeover. Now is the time to finally get it done, and I am here to show you how fast and easy it can be.

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I only use DIY Chalk and Clay paints because there is no latex, no acrylic and no chemicals in it. It is the PERFECT paint to layer and blend. It won’t seize up on you, and you can really manipulate it easily to get just the perfect look.

This is what I started with, an Old Tuscan (Missed the mark) inspired dresser I found many months ago on FB Marketplace. (Side funny story, when I went to pick the dresser up about 15 miles from where I live, the woman who gave it to me recognized me and told me she had bought paint from me at my store 20 miles away! Inspiration never struck for her so she put the dresser back into the grab bag pile. What are the odds I would be the one to end up with it?)

Get inspiration to Strike!

Turns out inspiration did not strike for me immediately either. It sat in my garage for several months before I finally got tired of looking at it.

If you want to learn more about my method of creativity, you might like to read about it here: What it means to create.

I was not super crazy about the raised scroll work. I knew it would take a lot of work to hide it completely, so I turned my attention to an easy fix. Make my own plaster! I mixed equal parts cornstarch and water. Then mixed that with an equal part of DIY Paint. It worked pretty well! I trowled this on in a thin layer and let it dry overnight.

Still shot from my video, hey it’s live action!

When the “plaster” dried. I did a thin coat of DIY Paint in French Millinery. It’s a beautiful grey lavender and goes really well with other neutrals and whites.

How to layer DIY Chalk & Clay Paint

Now for the layering fun. It’s super easy to blend and layer DIY Paint. Because there is no latex or acrylic in the paint, it is really easy to blend the colors to get a really gorgeous, soft finish every time. It will look like a highly trained artist did the work, but it was you!

To blend DIY Paint without having definite brush marks, you will want to have a water bottle nearby and a separate brush for each color you are using, plus one or two brushes “for blending”. Put a light coat of your first color, make sure it is nice and spritzed, then your next color right next to it. Repeat the spritz. Now use the blending brush to blend the colors. It take a little practice, but it is really fun once you get the hang of it.

Once the layers dried, I decided to add a little bling with the new DIY Patina, “Pennies from Heaven”.

Add some Copper Bling

It’s such a fun product, and you can even create aged Copper Patina by using this product and going over it with our new “Verdigris Wax”. It’s kind of addicting!

For more examples of BLING, and how I like to use DIY Paint Gold Patina, check out this post, (it’s one of my most popular Pins!)

I finished the entire piece with two coats of DIY Paint in Vintage Linen. The perfect soft aged white to compliment the colors I had used. I sealed the entire piece with durable and soft DIY 100% Natural Clear Wax.

Like every piece I paint with layers of DIY Paint, it is so tempting to find a place in my home for them because I fall in love! This time, I am actually keeping it! My oldest daughter graduates from college next week and I wanted to surprise her with something new in her room.

A beautiful dresser with blended and layered DIY Paint is not exactly the same as missing your college graduation due to Covid 19, but it’s a happy new piece for her new exciting adult life!

I hope I inspired you to take a look at what you have in your home. What old dresser or bookshelf can you make over with DIY Paint, give it a unique layered look that will last for as long as you have the piece.

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  1. Patty Soriano

    What are the odds you’d end up with it ? Karen, I’d say they are VERY good odds!! Looks great ! Who’d think that cornstarch would have a place in refinishing a piece of furniture!? Very interesting !


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