1. Jan says:

    Not sure how it happened that I got reconnected to your website. I followed your site many moons ago and then it was inactive for a long time. And then presto changeo, I received a notification of a post a week or two ago. So of course I checked it out right away because I always love a mystery and what appeared to be a sudden resurrection. It never occurred to me (duh) that you were on Youtube, where I spend hours viewing decorating and “make things” videos because I decorate even though I don’t “make things.” I have seen some DIYers use the “DIY Paint” finishes in recent videos on Youtube so I figure that’s the latest and best of a new thing, similar to when people got turned on to Annie Sloan chalk paint years ago – which I still have not tried (chalk paint, that is, not the brand). Love the coat hooks on the repurposed wood boards. I don’t have a space for them in my house, otherwise I would try my clumsy hands at making them. This house I bought in 2014 already has hooks screwed into applied boards (painted) in the back door hall, and I’m not about to try and rip out existing to replace with anything I’d attempt to make. LOL – the thought EGAD! That being said, I love the look of old repurposed wood since I am a fanatic on HGTV programs. Being a babyboomer raised by parents who lived during the Great Depression, I learned how to keep, reuse, “hoard,” because you never know when you might need to dig out that old potato masher you inherited from Great-Grandma. I am not a handy woman when it comes to using electric (or hand) tools and such so I admire women who do it and are skilled and explain things to me in ways I can understand. I can barely hammer a nail into a wall or a fence post, but I do it anyway, even if it takes 6 hours to get it right. I did subscribe to your Youtube channel when I saw you had one, will check in there. Love what you do, you have been an inspiration for this very unhandy woman for many years.

  2. Zoe Davis says:

    This is lovely. I am trying to do something similar, using an old piece of scrap wood (used to be the back of a long drawer) and some cast iron hooks. I’ve run into a problem though: the screws stick way out! How did you fix this? Thank you!

    • GTC says:

      That’s a great question you asked. What I do when the wood is thinner than the screw that needs to hold the hook is I back the piece with another piece of wood. Just thick enough for the screw to go in, but not so thick it would look weird against the wall. I hope this helps!

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