Top 10 DIY & Upcycle Posts 2022

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The Top 10 Upcycle Posts of 2022

Top 10 DIY & Upcyle projects of 2022 from Redoux

Happy New Year friends! How are you feeling about leaving 2022 behind and heading into 2023? Excited? Relieved? Ready to make 2023 your best year ever? Personally, 2022 was a year of struggle, change, some tough loss (my sweet step-father’s passing), and GROWTH. It was also a year that really allowed me time to get clear on how I want my business, Redoux, to show up and serve you, my community.

What better way to close out 2022 than a round-up of my Top 10 most popular DIY & Upcycle Posts and projects? Let’s check this Top 10 Out!

Number 1 DIY and Upcycle Post of 2022

21 Ways to Upcycle an Old Chair

I love that you are in love with Old Chairs as much as I am! I just can’t pass them by because they are literally 10 DIY Projects in 1 piece of furniture. For 2023, I plan to do a post on all the things you can do with Chair Spindles, so stay tuned.

21 Ways to Upcycle an Old Chair

Number 2 DIY and Upcycle Post of 2022

How To Paint Anything to look like real wood. This is one of my most popular posts of all time. Just because something is not real wood, it’s plastic, cheap wood, or just plain ugly, does not mean you cannot give it a real wood look.

How to paint anything to look like real wood

Number 3 DIY and Upcycle Post of 2022

How to Turn Trashy Books into Treasured Items

Isn’t it amazing how something is thrown in the trash, can literally become such a beautiful addition to your decor? In this post, I show how I found a pile of trashy books, and turned them into some fun decor with a few simple tricks using my favorite DIY Paint.

Number 4 DIY and Upcycle Post of 2022

How To Turn a Dumpster Bookshelf into a Gorgeous Bookshelf

In this post I took a broken, literally stinky old bookshelf I found in the trash and shared with readers how easy it is to give an old bookshelf an expensive new look with DIY Paint and some inexpensive upholstery fabric. This project was so easy to complete, I have replicated it many times with many different bookshelves.

Number 5 DIY Post of 2022

How to Paint your Stairs Black and White

This DIY project was completed several years ago, but my stairs STILL look amazing, and this post continued through 2022 to be one of my most popular posts. I am thrilled to say I have helped quite a few people successfully paint their stairs Black and White, and the results they have shared with me are stunning!

Number 6 DIY Post of 2022

How to Spray Paint an Old Stinky Leather Chair

This post was so long ago, and truly, it was one of those projects I did on a whim. My neighbor gave me an old chair from her Aunt’s house, who was a heavy smoker. This chair SMELLED and the leather was terribly stained. I transformed this chair with SPRAY Paint, and I am happy to say, it lasted in my house for years, until I redecorated and happily sold it. The Paint simply does not rub off if you do this right.

How to spray paint a leather chair

Number 7 DIY and Upcycle Post of 2022

How To Makeover a Vintage Stereo Cabinet

One of my personal favorite DIY Projects and one of my Top 10. I found this cabinet on the curb in my neighborhood. I gutted it, painted it with DIY Paint, redid the cabinet door (easy fix with Luon) and it proudly sits in my bedroom holding favorite albums and a turn table.

How to makeover an old stereo cabinet redoux

Number 8 DIY and Upcycle Project of 2022

How to Upcycle a Cheap Bookcase

If you are new here, then you might see a theme. I am passionate about upcycling and rescuing all the cheap bookcases you find on the curb, in the dumpster, in the Thrift Shops, etc. This bookcase was actually rescued from a Fire at a friend’s garage. I redeemed it using DIY Paint and Old Fence Boards. Love this project, and judging from how fast it sold at a good price, I think customers loved it too!

Number 8 DIY and Upcycle post of 2022

How to Decoupage Fabric over Painted Wood

Another surprise runaway hit! I found this dresser, literally in a Dumpster. I hauled it home and made it over with Ikea Upholstery Fabric and DIY Paint, and DIY Paint Liquid Patina. This is my dresser I use every single day and it looks as amazing today as it did several years ago when I completed this project.

How to decoupage fabric over painted wood

Number 9 DIY and Upcycle Post of 2022

How to Repurpose Dressers Missing Drawers

A favorite Round Up post where I share many of the dressers I have found that were left out for trash, only because they were missing their drawers. There are so many fun and easy ways to repurpose a dresser if the drawers are gone, and in this post I share my favorite tutorials and projects.

Number 10 DIY and Upcycle Project of 2022

How To Repurpose Furniture by Adding Wheels Part One

One of my favorite DIY Hacks is to add casters or wheels to a piece of furniture to level up its usefulness. In this post, it is part one of two posts I did on all the ways you can transform your furniture with this simple hack.

How to transform your furniture by adding wheels

I hope you enjoyed my top 2022 DIY and Upcycle Round Up Posts and found some great inspiration for your upcycle projects of 2023.

I can’t wait to share more projects with you.


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