Trashed Dresser Gets a Makeover

Hello friends, if you know me, I am a wee bit addicted to making over old stuff, and usually, the trashier, the better! In today’s post, I am thrilled to share that I was featured on the Turquoise Iris Journal Blog! As a regular content creator for the journal, I am invited to write a monthly blog post.

If you have not had a chance to read The Turquoise Iris Journal, you are missing out! It’s a gorgeous quarterly magazine for creatives about creativity. They are featuring artists from all over the world. The stories are inspiring, and the pictures are so yummy you want to dive into them. You can read it here online or grab your subscription here, too, and the journal will be mailed to you.

Now, back to that Trashed Dresser! It’s not the usual story of a makeover, how I came to find this, the couple that gave it to me, the condition it was in, and just why, WHY do I love other people’s trash so much is all in the article, hop over to read it!

Sage Green Empire Dresser REdoux

After you read the article, I hope you will take a moment to watch the video; I go in-depth with tricks and tips on how to restore a piece of furniture that was literally bound for the dump.

If you enjoyed the video and the post, I would love for you to stick around and check out some of my other posts. I have been restoring and rehabbing old furniture for over 20 years and writing this blog, Redoux Interiors, for over 16 years! I have learned a few things that I love sharing and teaching others. Most importantly, I have learned the power of taking things nobody wanted, dumping them on the side of the road, leaving them for dead next to a dumpster, and giving them an entirely new life. It’s a beautiful metaphor for life; all of us, at one point or another, may feel like trash, but with patience and the right tools and know-how, we can become something we never imagined we could become.

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Happy Creating! -Karen


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