Top Ten DIY & Upcycle Posts Redoux 2023

Top ten furniture and decor upcycles for redoux 2023

Welcome to the Top Ten Reader Favorite Posts of 2023 from Redoux! This top ten post is a round of up the readers of the most popular post, that’s you! Clicked on in 2023. Although many of these posts were published before 2023, they are still relevant for the DIY and upcycle tutorials.

I hope you enjoy them and find value in them as you prepare for 2024 and what you plan to create, DIY, and Upcycle. Let’s go!

Number Ten DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to Upcycle a Cheap Bookcase







There is a theme with what you readers like to see and what I like to upcycle. One thing that never gets old is making over an old, cheap bookcase. It is infinitely rewarding to take one of those cheap melamine bookshelves and turn them into something cool, like a rolling bar cart, or makeshift island, or more.

Number Nine DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to Upcycle a Dumpster Bookshelf to Look Like a Bookshelf Diva







One of my all-time favorite projects. I found a sad and very plain bookshelf in the trash and gave it a completely new look using DIY Paint and some Ikea Uphlostery fabric. I couldn’t believe the transformation myself!

Number Eight DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to Paint a Subfloor using DIY Paint 







You could not get enough of this post and YouTube tutorial. Stay tuned for 2024 as I will be recreating this project in another room! In this post I shared how I pulled up the carpet and painted my OSB board subfloors to look like Old Farm Planks, just using DIY Paint. And as I head into 2024, I am proud to say these floors still look amazing and have not faded or worn at all.

Number Seven DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to Transform an Old Stereo Cabinet 

How to makeover an old stereo cabinet







How to makeover an old Vintage Stereo Cabinet. In this post, I shared how I upcycled a found-on-the-curb Vintage Stereo cabinet and removed all the insides, turned it into a useable cabinet for record storage, and a turn table. My husband uses this cabinet to play his favorite albums in his home office.

Number Six DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to add wheels to furniture to make it more versatile







Adding wheels to your upcycled and repurposed DIY Projects is one of the easiest and fastest ways to instantly make your furniture more versatile. I love adding wheels to the bottom of cabinets, bookshelf makeovers, buffets and more. You will be amazed at how much more usage you can get from your furniture, or if you are upcycling it to sell, how fast it will sell

Number Five DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to Paint Your Staircase Black and White – Inside Tips and Tricks





I love the classic look of black and white stairs. And readers love black and white stairs too! If you are thinking about painting your stairs for 2024, I have a full tutorial, with all my insider tricks, tips, and hacks. Painting your stairs, risers, and banister is an investment of time, but well worth the effort!

Number Four DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to Spray Paint Leather so you can sit on it 







This post surprises me every time I look at my stats.  My neighbor gave me this chair which had come from her Great Aunt’s house, who smoked multiple packs of cigarettes a day, for over 30 years. You can imagine what the chair smelled like, and the condition the leather was in. I was brand new to upcycling and I had nothing to lose so I experimented with this chair and what I discovered was groundbreaking. You can paint leather with spray paint, and even more, with my favorite, and always go to DIY Paint, and it will last! I share all my top tricks and tips in this post to make over your old chairs.

Number Three DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How To Turn Trashy Books into Treasured Items

Not Sure What To Do With Old Books? Turn Them into treasures in a few easy steps!







Did you know that old books that don’t sell are one of the biggest items retail stores just throw out? There are thousands of books that end up in landfills every year. In this post, I share how to save some of those books from more waste and make something gorgeous out of them! Not your usual upcycled book page projects, (which I do love and can never get enough of), this post shares how to take old books and turn them into unique and beautiful decor or gifts. I used some of my favorite DIY Paint products, which are 100% natural, and can create endless finishes. Maybe even consider adding in a little Iron Orchid Designs embellishments to make your upcycled books stand out.

Number Two DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

How to Paint anything to make it look like real wood 






I have repurposed and upcycled countless pieces of furniture and decor over the past 20-plus years. Many of those pieces were either not real wood on the top or had badly damaged wood on the top that could not be stained. I have found so many fun ways to get a real wood-grain look without a lot of effort. Using some of my favorite DIY Paint Products, you can learn how to make your old furniture and decor look like expensive wood too!

Number One DIY & Upcycle Post from Redoux 2023

Twenty-one Ways to Upcycle an Old Chair







This post continues to be my most popular and most pinned post almost every single day. Who knew that my love for old chairs and all the multitude of ways to use them would be so popular with everyone else? For 2024, I plan to publish an updated post and round up as there are so many clever and original ideas on how to upcycle any old chair.









Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out the reader favorites of 2023! I hope some of these posts inspired you to repurpose, recreate, and upcycle some old furniture of your own! If you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing to my newsletter! When you sign up, I immediately send you my free “Getting Started Painting Furniture and Cabinetry Guide”. Everything you need to know to get started. Each week I send a newsletter letting you know about the latest posts, videos, and insider information from Redoux. It’s fun to be a part of this amazing Redoux community and I hope you will join us! It’s free, I never sell your information as I am honored you shared your email address with me and I do my best to always bring you valuable and entertaining information. You can sign up and get your free Furniture Painting Guide HERE. 





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