Early Bird of Spring – Desk Makeover

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Early Bird of Spring – Desk Makeover

Happy Spring!  Well….not officially, but I am inspired to break out the Spring Colors and celebrate all things Spring!

I am starting with my little Secretary.  I found this at a local Goodwill for a song.  Somewhat to the tune of $10, it was half off day!  All it needed was a little sanding and a little gluing to repair some wobbliness, and it was good to go.

I used a Custom Blend of DIY Paint Skeleton Key and Prom Queen, with a touch of Vintage Linen to lighten the color. (I like to play chemist on the fly)…oh yes, and the little birdie was added from my favorite Graphic Site, The Graphics Fairy.

I added the sweet vintage knobs that had come from some other project and had ended up in my knob collection.

I think the “before” picture flew away, but this little birdie is ready for Spring and is now nesting at Rancho Coop, where I sell DIY Paint, IOD, and more in Oakley, CA, and online 🙂

Here is another little Spring Goodie—this little side stool.  I loved the sweet vintage upholstered inset; it just needed a fresh coat of DIY Paint in Apothecary. The first color they ever sent me to try years ago is still my favorite. With DIY Paint, because it is chalk and clay paint, there is no acrylic, plastic-free paint, or latex; there is no give, and it simply cannot chip or crack. It is the most durable paint on the market, I have used it over 14 years and still have not met a surface I cannot paint.


I hope these whimsical projects brightened your day no matter what time of year it is where you are. Sometimes, all we need are bright Spring Colors, a Little DIY Paint, and a little creativity to bring lightness into our day.



  1. Judy Ainger

    What a sweet little secretariat!!! I’m sure it will find a new home quickly! BEAUTIFULLY done!!! HUGS!!!

  2. Jessica @ Dear Emmeline

    so cute. perfect color. your chemistry skills are top notch I must say! and those knobs….adorbs!

  3. bj

    love that pretty color…great job

  4. Kris

    Love the pretty color. Wow this was a steal and you did a great job on reloving this piece.

  5. cassie

    oh i love that desk!!!! so sweet- the color and the design!

  6. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

    Definitely feeling like spring. I especially love that little birdie! … But here in the real world, we’re expecting another foot of snow. Wanna come build a snowman?

  7. Donna Wilkes

    It is feeling like spring on this post! Both are beautiful pieces. Love that bird detail on the secretary.

  8. Laura @ LifeWeLive4

    This is beautiful! I love the bird, perfect little accent! Thank you so muh for stopping by our little party ! I hope you come back soon!
    😉 Laura

  9. Shelley T

    Love both of the items! I have a few older wood pieces that this inspires me to paint. I just have to figure out how to paint with 5 kitties in my business. I’m working it out though because the artist in me needs to create. This cat hiatus has to end, lol!

    Also, I signed up the for the adorable graphics site (The Graphics Fairy) – thanks for that tip!

    • GTC

      I am so excited for you that you found The Graphics Fairy! So sorry I am just now responding, I missed this comment! You definitely need to create, it’s good for the soul, you are so kind to bring in all those Kitties!


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