Christmas in July Decor Ideas – Ideas for Year Round Decor

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Christmas in July Decor Ideas – Ideas for Year-Round Decor

Merry Christmas in July! Is it too early to start talking about Christmas Decor and DIY Gifts? I think not! You can start making some of these easy DIY Gifts and Decor now and have plenty to put around your home and give as gifts by the time the Holiday Season rolls around. 

You only need a small wooden box, DIY paint or paint, and an IOD paint inlay. Wood boxes and containers are always easily found in thrift stores, but if you would like to grab a new one from your local craft store or online at Amazon, here is a link to grab one at a very low cost. 

You can make several versions of this wood box or create it once and display three different looks, depending on your decor style. These boxes are a wonderful way to create a Home Bedroom Refresh for the holidays, add a splash of color to your decor, and, my favorite, create some whimsical decor you can display all over your home. These styles will fit perfectly, whether your style is Dopamine decor, vintage eclectic home, whimsical decor, or neoclassical Interior; everyone has a style, depending on what you fill your box with! Here are three easy looks you can create for your Holiday Decor that will take only an hour or so. 

Gather Your Supplies for Christmas In July DIY Decor

  • Plain Wood Box for display – I purchased mine in bulk through Amazon, but you can almost always find something similar at your local craft store or thrift shop. 
  • DIY Paint in Marquee or color of choice
  • IOD Inlay of choice  – I used Lattice Rose in Red (Inlays can be used up to three times so that you can create all three looks for different areas of your home or to give as handmade gifts)
  • An assortment of old glass balls in coordinating colors
  • Inexpensive Cream or White Fake Rose Blossoms (I purchased mine through Amazon)
  • Green Topiary Balls of Varying sizes (I purchase mine through Amazon)
  • Brown Packing Paper (I use old shipping envelopes or brown packing paper wadded up) 

Step One: Select what pages of your IOD Inlay you will use for your box. Measure the sides and cut the strips of your Inlay to fit. Each IOD Inlay comes with gridded lines, making it easy to line up the designs straight. 

Step Two: Begin by painting your wood box in one solid color. I used DIY Paint in Marquee Red. It’s a classic, grown-up Red Color that speaks boldly and confidently to any room it is placed in. Paint one coat of paint on your box and allow it to dry completely.

Step Three: Once the first coat of paint is dry, apply a second thin coat. While wet, lightly spray the nonpainted side of the inlay sheet you will be working with using a continuous mister filled with water or a gentle spray from a water bottle. Each Inlay is paint that will embed straight into your wet paint, so when both the inlay and your paint are dry, it looks like you painted the design yourself. IOD Inlays are pretty magical. 

Carefully lay the damp inlay paint side down onto the box’s painted surface. Lightly respray the Inlay with a continuous water mister. 

**Important Tip!: Once you have put your Inlay down, do not move it to reposition. As soon as the Inlay makes contact with wet paint, you have activated it, and if you move it, you will risk smearing the design. 

Step Four: Allow the Inlay and the 2nd coat of paint to dry completely. Once dry, reactivate the Inlay by respraying the surface with a continuous water mister. Gently pull the Inlay up from your surface and see the magic! Allow the surface to dry again, and then decorate with one of these easy and fun ideas. 

Step Five: Fill your wood box with recycled packing paper or an old brown packing envelope. 

Step Six – Examples of things to fill your Painted Box with 

Pro Tip: To create a piece of holiday decor you can store and use repeatedly, consider using a Hot Glue Gun to keep the roses, topiary balls, or glass balls in place. Use a variety of sizes of glass balls, especially those that have fallen out of the hanging part. This is a gorgeous way to upcycle old Christmas Decor. 

Fill your Painted Box with Glass Ball Ornaments

Fill your Painted Box with Fake Roses 

Fill your Painted Box with Fake Topiary Balls 

I hope you were inspired to “think outside the box” for this year’s holiday decor. Christmas Decor does not have to be expensive, extravagant, or even the same thing year in and year out. By creating your own DIY Decor, you can have a gorgeous DIY Decor year-round by simply switching out what you fill your box with. 

*For more examples of how to use IOD Inlays on your furniture and decor, check out my latest YouTube video sharing how to use a similar Inlay on a Dresser HERE.  

It’s not too early to get started on more Christmas projects; this blog post was part of a collaborative post from The Turquoise Iris Journal blog post; please head over to the post to see what my talented friends, who are all regular contributors to The Turquoise Iris Journal, a timeless magazine for curated creativity have put together! Check it out HERE. 

For more fun ideas and tutorials on how to use DIY Paint and IOD Products, be sure to check out my tutorials page!


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