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Love Sign from Cabinet Door

Show me a Sign of your Love Do you need somebody to love? Do you need something to love? Do you remember my JOY sign? Valentine’s Day is approaching fast.  Make your loved ones this LOVE Sign for your favorite Valentines. I work hard every day of my life I work till I ache my […]

This was originally published three years ago, but I like to share it every year as a reminder of how much abundance we have.  Happy Junk Love to you all! It is no secret that I have a love of junk, many of us share this passion. Ver early today, I had a new experience […]

Woo hoo did I have a good week of Trash! And true to my word, I barely touched the Dumpsters this week.  No matter how hard I try, things just FIND me!  This week, not only did I find very good stuff, with only two trips to the trash, but I received a lot of […]

I don’t know about you, but I am a HUGE James Bond movie fan.  I think it started somewhere around my early childhood years with “The Man with Golden Gun”.  From there, I branched out and watched the older movies when they would show on TV, and when I was old enough, saw all the […]

Happy Valentines Day friends! I hope you are enjoying the day, regardless of your single or not single status.  We can celebrate a day of just LOVE.  I am thrilled my link party is on Vday so I can gush about all the projects you shared with me last week that I just LOVE Lets […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!  This is the corniest post I have ever written.  A Tale of two loves and a confused heart. My paint lovin heart. Here is my first love. My sister gave me one of you for Easter, years ago when I first began to develop a crush on you.  I soon discovered your […]

Happy Valentines Day from my home to yours. Hope your day is filled with Love. -Karen Two of my loves, the older one at school already….and the love of my life at work.  Our mantle of love. Hope you have a day of love and joy.  -Redoux

Two Free Dumpster Tables that Got an Easy Makeover Recently my husband and I became empty-nesters! This has left us with some empty bedrooms. And plenty of space to have a dedicated guest room! We invited out-of-town friends (last-minute ask) to stay with us recently when they were in town for a wedding. Dilemma…I did […]

The French Provincial Dresser If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, chances are you had one of these dressers in your bedroom set! There are so many variations of the French Provincial Dresser. Although there were so many manufacturers of this style of furniture, they all have a few things in common that […]

Easily Make a New Crate look old with my easy tutorial! Do you love the look of old crates but are shocked at the price of them? I will see some beautiful old Flower Crate, see the price tag, and keep moving. I wish I could find old wood crates in the Dumpsters I look […]

How to make DIY Coat Hooks From Old Fence Boards I Love DIY Coat hooks and I love Old Boards. Are you like me and have a love affair with old wood? Do your neighbors think you are slightly off your rocker because you are begging them for their old fence boards? Do you drive […]

The Before and After Dresser Makeover! The Beginning – FB Marketplace is my weakness! True confessions time. As much as I LOVE Dumpster Diving and the thrill of the hunt for treasures, I love FB Marketplace almost more! Some people have a TikTok or Instagram issue, I have a FB Marketplace issue. The endless posting […]