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Master Bathroom Makeover How To Paint a Sub Floor  And…I had ZERO budget.  You got that right.  ZERO budget to makeover of my Master Bathroom.  I wanted a Farm House look and I had to get very creative with everything I had on hand.  Paints, glazes, and the biggest conundrum of all, what to do with […]

How to Makeover a Vintage Buffet to a Boho Buffet Boho look.  Layered and chippy. Drippy and Free.  Oh how I love you!  This look is so easy to achieve!  Have you seen this look around the internet?  Probably the most awesome examples of this look comes from DIY Paint Retailers Dionne Woods of The […]

Spray it Don’t Say it.  Spray Paint Leather that is. Did you know you can spray paint leather??? This Silver Chair once resided in a woman’s house who sadly, smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, for at least 30 years, as long as she lived in the house, with the windows shut!  My neighbor […]

Ugly Nightstand makeover

Dumpster Nightstand Makeover This post contains affiliate links.  I am extremely opinionated, so you won’t have any problem seeing that all the opinions are my own.  I practice what I preach, and every product I recommend I love. It’s not what you think.  A one night nightstand.  I am just not that kind of girl.  […]

Trashy Tuesday Clean Out the Garage Did you know that nature abhors a Vacuum?  It’s a true principle.  And your garage, well at least my garage, abhors being empty.   Trust me, if you are needing to clean your garage out and are having a hard time parting with your junk, just trust in the junk […]

Upcycle a Book Shelf to a Rolling Cart. Happy Trashy Tuesday! I don’t have a new project to share with you today, BUT, I do have some good Dumpster Finds. And they were my favorite kind this week.  Not one, but two Dumpster Finds. The first IS a rolling cart already.  Complete with 2 drawers, […]

How To Decorate Your Home With Free Furniture Seriously?  Free Furniture?  To Decorate your home?  Where would you find enough of it? If you hang around here, you will see how I easily find free furniture every month!  No matter where you live, I guarantee, somewhere near you, even if you have to drive a […]

How to Turn a Bookshelf Into a Rolling Cart Did you know that a mediocre 2 shelf Bookshelf is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture?  You can do so many things with one of those! I mentioned last Trashy Tuesday I received a very burned bookshelf from my friend who had a fire […]

Trashy Tuesday New Years Resolutions Happy Tuesday! If you have been around here awhile, it’s been a while since you have heard from me! This doesn’t mean I have stopped my trashy habits of Dumpster Diving or Upcycling.  I just haven’t shared in a while because 2017 was busy! Here’s a recap of some of the […]

Trashy Tuesday Trashy Makeovers It’s been a while!  And oh my,  do I have a lot of junk to trash talk with you. Do you remember   Actually, it’s a twin.  I found 2 of them a few months ago when someone in my neighborhood was moving.  They so nicely left a whole bunch of […]

7 Surprising Tips For Finding Free Furniture! 1 Tip for Every Day of the Week! Imagine how much you can pick up, RIGHT NOW! Seriously.  How did I go from this? Clean, orderly garage, car fits in nicely. To this???  Packed to the gils, furniture everywhere. I can squeeze my van in there but only […]

What The Junk Did you know that Urban Dictionary defines “What The Junk” as the following? Quite possibly the coolest non-profane exclamation there is. To know me, is to know that I love Junk and Junk is my love language.  So what have I been doing with all my junk?  Well that’s a complicated answer…. […]