Dumpster Diving Diaries

Trashy Tuesday Reclaimed Wood Sign Tutorial

Reclaimed Wood Sign Tutorial Where the heck have I been?  Busy!  I've got loads of Trash to share with you, but today I am going to show you how to make this amazing Reclaimed Wood Sign FOR FREE.  We (Suffering Husband and myself + 3 children) are HUGE House of...

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How To Paint and Refinish Two Side Tables

How To Paint and Refinish Two Side Tables I have TWO tables to talk about today. Two tables, one found in a Dumpster, the other left for dead in a dirty, dusty barn. I am on a mission to clean out every last piece of dead or nearly dead furniture in my garage. I...

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Repurposed Buffet Free Furniture

Repurposed Buffet Free Furniture That's right.  A Rolling Vintage Buffet I found for Free. The Free Buffet Before Of course, it didn't look like this Vintage Buffet when I picked it up off the curb.  It looked more like this: How I Upcycled an Old Free Buffet Once...

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My Top 5 Junk and Dumpster Dive DIY Projects

My Top Dumpster DIY Projects Welcome to my Top Dumpster Dive DIY Projects.  Hey friends!  If you are new here, welcome 🙂  One of my favorite things to do is Dumpster Dive!  Yes, you read that right.  And when I find some good junk, I love reimagining it,...

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DIY Coat Hooks From Old Fence Boards

DIY Coat Hooks From Old Fence Boards How to make DIY Coat Hooks From Old Fence Boards How to Make DIY Coat Hooks From Old Fence Boards. I Love DIY Coat hooks and I love Old Boards. Are you like me and have a love affair with old wood? Do your neighbors think you...

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Trashy Tuesday How to turn your trash into cash

Big Announcement Happy New Year! Are you the type that makes New Year's Resolutions? I LOVE thinking about all the new things I might accomplish this year. Top of the list is....drumroll please! Turning my trash into cash in a BIG way! I am opening a store!!! Along...

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Top 10 Bookshelf makeovers you can do in a day

Trashy Tuesday Top 10 Bookshelf Upcycles

Trashy Tuesday Top 10 Bookshelf Upcycles Bookshelves are one of my favorite easy upcycles. When I am out on my weekly (sometimes daily) Dumpster cruising, I often find broken, thrown out, old, ugly bookshelves. If the people throwing them out only knew of all the...

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Trashy Tuesday Garage Sale Leftover

Trashy Tuesday Garage Sale Leftovers! Garage Sale Leftovers!  I have decorated much of my house from free Junk and Garage Sale Leftovers are one my favorite ways to get free furniture.  I am also sharing what I got for free from my Junk network and of course, the...

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DIY Paint Sold Here!

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