Dumpster Diving Diaries

How to Make a Bench From A Dumpster Console

How to Make a Bench From a Dumpster Console Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  You know I can't resist a good Dumpster Furniture Makeover.  One of my favorite things to make from Broken Furniture is a Bench. Imagine if you will, you are out on a Saturday running errands...

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Trashy Tuesday What The Junk?

Trashy Tuesday, What the Junk? Happy Trashy Tuesday!  It's been some time since I have share some of my amazing Dumpster Finds and Road Side Rescues! I haven't stopped my trashy ways, I have just been BUSY!  As Retail Director for DIY Paints, Retailer of DIY Paints...

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How To Get The Chippy Paint Look

Get the Chippy Paint look using Debi'S Design Diary DIY Paint and a surprising little tool. I am in the process of switching from a PC to my MacBook.  In that process, somehow all my before and during pictures disappeared.  SIGH.  Cest la vis. Use your imagination....

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How to Turn a Drawer into Under Bench Storage

How to Turn a Drawer into Under Bench Storage If your family is anything like mine,  there are always a collection of shoes somewhere near the bottom of the stairs or the front door.  We have tried several different systems to corral the shoes, but I always...

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How To Turn A Farm Table to A Plank Table

Did you recently see a well loved mini van pulled over on the side of the Highway, a woman in skirt and heels, risking life and limb to pick up a filthy pile of wood planks?  Did you think "that woman is nuts", or that poor woman, "look a load of wood fell out of...

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Turn Trashy Books into Treasured Items

Turn Trashy Books into Treasured Items Before I share pictures and this post with you, I have a disclaimer. No literature was harmed in this project. All books that were altered were not only dumpster dive finds but were probably trash for the mind as well.....Not...

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How to Turn a Bookshelf into Rolling Cart

How to Turn a Bookshelf into Rolling Cart Do you have one of these? Old White Book Shelf, or Black, or whatever cheap color it was? They are literally a dime a dozen in the Dumpster World. After they have served their purpose, they are often unceremoniously thrown...

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Ugly Nightstand makeover

Dumpster Nightstand Makeover

Dumpster Nightstand Makeover This post contains affiliate links.  I am extremely opinionated, so you won't have any problem seeing that all the opinions are my own.  I practice what I preach, and every product I recommend I love. It's not what you think.  A one...

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Trashy Tuesday Clean Out the Garage

Trashy Tuesday Clean Out the Garage Did you know that nature abhors a Vacuum?  It's a true principle.  And your garage, well at least my garage, abhors being empty.   Trust me, if you are needing to clean your garage out and are having a hard time parting with your...

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Upcycle a Bookshelf to a Rolling Cart

Upcycle a Book Shelf to a Rolling Cart. Happy Trashy Tuesday! I don't have a new project to share with you today, BUT, I do have some good Dumpster Finds. And they were my favorite kind this week.  Not one, but two Dumpster Finds. The first IS a rolling cart...

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