Furniture Makeovers

How To Paint and Refinish Two Side Tables

How To Paint and Refinish Two Side Tables I have TWO tables to talk about today. Two tables, one found in a Dumpster, the other left for dead in a dirty, dusty barn. I am on a mission to clean out every last piece of dead or nearly dead furniture in my garage. I...

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How to Use an IOD Inlay Dresser Makeover

How to Use an IOD Inlay Dresser Makeover Friends! I have a new project to share, a new Dresser Makeover. This was a particular extra project as the Dresser came from a dear friend who has had it in her family for some time. Her girls used it, and when it was time...

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Repurposed Buffet Free Furniture

Repurposed Buffet Free Furniture That's right.  A Rolling Vintage Buffet I found for Free. The Free Buffet Before Of course, it didn't look like this Vintage Buffet when I picked it up off the curb.  It looked more like this: How I Upcycled an Old Free Buffet Once...

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How to Paint Upholstery and Keep it Feeling Soft

How To Paint Upholstery and Keep it Feeling Soft Hello friends, I have got a project for you today. Have you tried to paint upholstery before, and it turned out super crunchy? I am here to tell you there is a better way to paint your upholstery and keep it soft. ...

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My Top 5 Junk and Dumpster Dive DIY Projects

My Top Dumpster DIY Projects Welcome to my Top Dumpster Dive DIY Projects.  Hey friends!  If you are new here, welcome 🙂  One of my favorite things to do is Dumpster Dive!  Yes, you read that right.  And when I find some good junk, I love reimagining it,...

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How to Makeover a Curio Cabinet & Small Junk

How to Makeover a Curio Cabinet If you have followed me for a while, or you are new here and have found that I love junk, you would be correct! I have spent years Dumpster Diving and making over all kinds of old stuff. Recently I scored a large haul of small stuff...

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How to Makeover an old Desk

How To Makeover an Old Desk the easy way! I want to show you how easy it can be to makeover an old desk. Even one that looks like it belongs in the trash! Can you believe this was the same desk? I think it was actually a Vanity? It was given to me by someone who...

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How to Makeover a French Provincial Dresser

The French Provincial Dresser If you grew up in the 70s or 80s, chances are you had one of these dressers in your bedroom set! There are so many variations of the French Provincial Dresser. Although there were so many manufacturers of this style of furniture, they...

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Easy Tall Dresser Makeover

The Before and After Dresser Makeover! The Beginning - FB Marketplace is my weakness! True confessions time. As much as I LOVE Dumpster Diving and the thrill of the hunt for treasures, I love FB Marketplace almost more! Some people have a TikTok or Instagram issue,...

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DIY Paint Sold Here!

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