Furniture Makeovers

Makeover a Lingerie Dresser with IOD and DIY Paint

Happy Trashy Tuesday! It's a Lingerie Dresser Makeover! It was time to start clearing out that garage full of junk again and finally get to a diy furniture makeover.  I am VERY good at adding to the collection of junk in there. If you have not had a chance to...

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Top 10 Bookshelf makeovers you can do in a day

Trashy Tuesday Top 10 Bookshelf Upcycles

Trashy Tuesday Top 10 Bookshelf Upcycles Bookshelves are one of my favorite easy upcycles. When I am out on my weekly (sometimes daily) Dumpster cruising, I often find broken, thrown out, old, ugly bookshelves. If the people throwing them out only knew of all the...

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Top Ten Junk Makeovers

My Top Ten Best Junk Makeover

My Top Ten Favorite Junk Makeovers from my years as a Dumpster Diver, Furniture Makeover artist. Showing you how you can turn old, ugly and free into amazing and gorgeous

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How to Make a Bench From A Dumpster Console

How to Make a Bench From a Dumpster Console Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  You know I can't resist a good Dumpster Furniture Makeover.  One of my favorite things to make from Broken Furniture is a Bench. Imagine if you will, you are out on a Saturday running errands...

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Dresser wanting the Layered Paint Look

It may be hot outside where you are, but the best dressed dressers, and furniture are all asking for the Layered Look!   Are you hearing what your furniture is saying? The cool kids are all doing this technique and I know you are cool 😉 If you think your furniture...

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How to Makeover Old French Provincial Dresser

How to Makeover Old French Provincial Dresser *This post contains affiliate links, all of the opinions are definitely 100% my own 😉 You recognize this Dresser right?  It was part of your bedroom set circa 1970's? I was not lucky enough to have this Bedroom set as...

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How To Makeover a Vintage Stereo Cabinet

How to Makeover a Vintage Stereo Cabinet How many times have you seen one of these old Stereo Cabinets and just dismissed it as a worthless?I found this old Stereo Cabinet one day while out walking my dog.  I believe people put stuff out on their driveways with a...

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How to Decoupage Fabric Over Painted Wood

How to Decoupage Fabric Over Painted Wood Are you a fabric hoarder like me?  I have scraps upon scraps of decorator fabric I have "saved" for that one project I might do one day.  Well, that day has come! You'll Also Love: DIY Black and White Staircase I found the...

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How To Get The Chippy Paint Look

Get the Chippy Paint look using Debi'S Design Diary DIY Paint and a surprising little tool. I am in the process of switching from a PC to my MacBook.  In that process, somehow all my before and during pictures disappeared.  SIGH.  Cest la vis. Use your imagination....

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How To Turn A Farm Table to A Plank Table

Did you recently see a well loved mini van pulled over on the side of the Highway, a woman in skirt and heels, risking life and limb to pick up a filthy pile of wood planks?  Did you think "that woman is nuts", or that poor woman, "look a load of wood fell out of...

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