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Redefining Creativity – Creativity

Redefining Creativity - What it Means to create What a Creative Path May Look Like If you are new around here, I will quickly bring you up to speed.  Over 15 years ago I started this blog.  The main purpose was to provide a web space for my custom-painted furniture...

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Hey Girl, My Valentine to Suffering Husband

Hey Girl, My Valentine to Suffering Husband I rerun this post every year, so sorry if you have seen it in past Valentine's Day.  This post still makes my heart swoon as I love my Suffering Husband more every year.   This year (2017) is especially sweet because we...

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Trashy Tuesday Trash

Trashy Tuesday Trash Every year I post this post as a tribute to my friend Ben.  Please take a moment to read on.  I hope this post inspires you to see all the redeeming value in every single human we encounter in our lives.  We all have beauty inside of us. ...

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Trashy Tuesday I went Junking In Atlanta

Trashy Tuesday I went Junking In Atlanta Hey y'all!!  I was in Atlanta last week for the America's Mart, which might I add was THE BEST PLACE to see gorgeous home decor and furniture. I was not there to go junking in Atlanta!  I will be sharing more about my trip...

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Blogland Tour Continues at Redouxinteriors

 Blogland Tour Continues at Redouxinteriors A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Larissa at Prodigal Pieces to join the tour through Blogland.  So fun!  If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Larissa's blog, it is a must follow.  Larissa has beautiful...

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One Week Home DIY Challenge

One Week Home DIY Challenge. One week, no husband, no kids.  Just me and the dog. My kids are all going to various camps for the entire week next week.  Suffering Husband is going to my girl's church camp to assist.  This leaves me.  ALONE FOR ONE WEEK!...

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Trashy Tuesday, Truth in Trash and My Side Yard

Trashy Tuesday, Truth in Trash and My Side Yard! Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash, literally.  This is a show and tell episode of Trashy Tuesday.  I show, then I tell, and you can leave me a comment and tell me about your trashy piles too! Before we...

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DIY Black and White Stairs Saga Continues

DIY Black and White Stairs.  STILL.  If you have been around here a little while, you might know this is a stop and start project that has been ongoing for over 6 months now.  This is where I will pick up Monday morning.  We have had a few versions of what we...

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Junk Love – the strangest junking story ever told

This was originally published three years ago, but I like to share it every year as a reminder of how much abundance we have.  Happy Junk Love to you all! It is no secret that I have a love of junk, many of us share this passion. Ver early today, I had a new...

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DIY Paint Sold Here!

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