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How to Pull up Carpet, Paint Plywood and Make them look like old Farm Boards Hello friends. This post is a follow up to my viral post I shared 8 years ago on how to makeover your Master Bedroom with a ZERO budget. I recently updated the super successful video I posted on YouTube 8 […]

How To Makeover an Old Desk the easy way! I want to show you how easy it can be to makeover an old desk. Even one that looks like it belongs in the trash! Can you believe this was the same desk? I think it was actually a Vanity? It was given to me by […]

FINDING FURNITURE: Do you love Facebook Marketplace as much as I do? I mean, really, I need more furniture makeover projects in my life as much as I need a box of Sees Chocolate Candy. Want badly, DO NOT NEED. If you have seen my garage over the years, you can check that out here. […]

How to easily blend and layer DIY Chalk and Clay Based Paint

Big Announcement Happy New Year! Are you the type that makes New Year’s Resolutions? I LOVE thinking about all the new things I might accomplish this year. Top of the list is….drumroll please! Turning my trash into cash in a BIG way! I am opening a store!!! Along with my friend and business partner, Randi […]

Visiting the Blog Today – Jenny from Glitterfarm At Jenny’s Glitterfarm Site you can see some of her beautiful work, great How To Videos, and meet Jenny herself.  I thought I would delve a little deeper into the artist and retailer behind the Glitterfarm Organic Glamour Company.  Here’s Jenny: Jenny: Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m a maker who wrangles kids, […]

What Wood You Find in a Dumpster Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  Whatever day of the week it is, I like JUNK.  I like peaking around Dumpsters, cruising neighborhoods for curb side treasures and anything free. The last few weeks have been a boon of decent finds for me, and always when I need something!  Check […]

Furniture Giveaway with Prodigal Pieces Yep, you read that right.  My sweet friend Larissa at Prodigal Pieces is celebrating her 2 year blogiversary by giving away a gorgeous piece of furniture. Beautifully restored, and shipped to your house.  FREE!!! Larissa is overflowing with talent and I love her to pieces, and I love her Prodigal […]

Redouxinteriors Handmade Hangout Week 31 Thank you so much for coming by to share your creative work!  I am still on the road and haven’t been around here much. In case you missed my BIG announcement, I am a Distributor for my beloved CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Chalk + Clay Based Paints.  If you have […]

Redouxinteriors and The Handmade Hangout Week 30 Happy New Year!!  I hope you are all as excited about 2015 as I am.  In addition to the usual craziness and joy of the holiday season.  I have launched a new business venture.  I will make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow, but here is a hint:  It involves […]

Handmade Hangout 28 Redouxinteriors Christmas is next week, Chanukkah is this week!  Kids are out of school today tomorrow. Oh my!  I hope you are all ready to relax for a few minutes and enjoy the features at The Handmade Hangout 28 at Redouxinteriors. In case you missed what I was up to this week, […]

Handmade Hangout at Redouxinteriors Week 27 Have you looked at the calendar recently?  Next week is my kid’s last week of school until…..Christmas!!  It has been a VERY busy December with some exciting things to share with you soon for 2015.  Before we get to the party here is what I shared this week. On […]