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How to Makeover a Curio Cabinet If you have followed me for a while, or you are new here and have found that I love junk, you would be correct! I have spent years Dumpster Diving and making over all kinds of old stuff. Recently I scored a large haul of small stuff and small […]

Easily Make a New Crate look old with my easy tutorial! Do you love the look of old crates but are shocked at the price of them? I will see some beautiful old Flower Crate, see the price tag, and keep moving. I wish I could find old wood crates in the Dumpsters I look […]

How to make DIY Coat Hooks From Old Fence Boards I Love DIY Coat hooks and I love Old Boards. Are you like me and have a love affair with old wood? Do your neighbors think you are slightly off your rocker because you are begging them for their old fence boards? Do you drive […]

If your family is anything like mine,  there are always a collection of shoes somewhere near the bottom of the stairs, or the front door.  We have tried several different systems to corral the shoes, but I always disliked the massive shoe pile that would eventually build.  My solution? Get a Drawer turned Shoe Storage! […]

Before I share pictures and this post with you I have a disclaimer. No literature was harmed in this project. All books that were altered were not only dumpster dive finds but were the probably trash for the mind as well…..Not that they were THAT kind of trash, I go to the Dumpster not the […]

Watching Time Turn Into a Mirror This post was originally posted several years ago, but it’s a timeless classic and could easily be done with old clocks from thrift stores, etc. I had this old clock, that I LOVED but the clock was dying a slowwwwww death. The company I bought it from has long […]

How to Make a Door Chalkboard from a bunch of Junk (This post was originally written in 2012, but the instructions remain the same, paint brand has changed) Do you remember this thing I pulled out of le garbage? My client had texted me the night before I found this, asking if I could make […]

Love Sign from Cabinet Door

Show me a Sign of your Love Do you need somebody to love? Do you need something to love? Do you remember my JOY sign? Valentine’s Day is approaching fast.  Make your loved ones this LOVE Sign for your favorite Valentines. I work hard every day of my life I work till I ache my […]

Trashy Tuesday Repurposed Drawers  in Somerset Home Hey Redouxers!  I have THREE projects that were featured in the Fall issue of Somerset Home Magazine!  And guess what!? I forgot they were going to use them….. So ME!  I received a “complimentary” copy in the mail a few weeks ago, and it just so happened I […]

Nightstand Turned Planter Using Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paints  Update!  I only use Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint since publishing this post.  DIY Paint is 100% Natural, Clay Based, which makes it different from every other chalk paint product.  It is perfectly smooth, the colors are beautiful and cover well, even their whites.   It […]

Trashy Tuesday MidCentury Madness and Market CartsThere are trashy weeks, and then there are really, really trashy weeks.  This past week was a really, really trashy week.  I mean this in the best use of the word “trashy”.  Interesting fact:  Your garbage can when pulled to the curb is considered public property.  If I might […]

Trashy Tuesday Rugs and Table Tops Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  I have been AWOL with the Trash Talk here lately, mostly due to my extreme busyness with my new business!  If you haven’t heard, I am now a Distributor for CeCe Caldwell’s 100% Natural Chalk + Clay Based Paints.  If you live in Nevada, Arizona, […]