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How to take an old bookcase and upcycle it to a rolling cart

Top 10 Bookshelf makeovers you can do in a day

Trashy Tuesday Top 10 Bookshelf Upcycles Bookshelves are one of my favorite easy upcycles. When I am out on my weekly (sometimes daily) Dumpster cruising, I often find broken, thrown out, old, ugly bookshelves. If the people throwing them out only knew of all the amazing upcycles you could do with an old bookshelf…well, they […]

Trashy Tuesday my 10 best Furniture Upcycles Happy Spring friends!  It’s time to do some Spring Cleaning with all that Junk in your Garage!  Or maybe I should say all that junk in MY garage :() Is the warm weather inspiring you to do some purging, painting and upcycling?   It is me, (even though as […]

Before I share pictures and this post with you I have a disclaimer. No literature was harmed in this project. All books that were altered were not only dumpster dive finds but were the probably trash for the mind as well…..Not that they were THAT kind of trash, I go to the Dumpster not the […]

We have all seen cheap, assemble yourself-bookshelves, maybe we even have one in our home? I made mine over to look like a Ballard’s knockoff! Here are the items you will need: Items needed: 4 short legs of choice, plus plates Paint of choice (I LOVE Debi’s DIY 100% Natural Chalk and Clay Paint) Wax […]

Redoux Top 12 posts for 2015. Happy New Year!  I love looking back at the year about to pass to see what projects I shared that resonated the most with all of you.  Sometimes I can guess before I look, sometimes I am very surprised.  Either way, I am thrilled you stopped by here to […]

How to redefine what it means to create I belong here, and so do you! If you are new around here, then I will bring you up to speed in a hurry.  Over 5 years ago I started this blog.  The main purpose was to provide a web space of my custom painted furniture portfolio. […]

Junk Cabinet Makeover

Trashy Tuesday Dumpster Bookshelf Makeover  Happy Trashy Tuesday!  I have been hanging out in the Dumpsters again, but my dirty ways are paying off. Do you remember a few months back I got this bookshelf, My Junk Network tipped me off that it was waiting for me behind Target.  This is the sad state it […]

Decorating with CeCe Caldwell’s Update!  I only use Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint since publishing this post.  DIY Paint is 100% Natural, Clay Based, which makes it different from every other chalk paint product.  It is perfectly smooth, the colors are beautiful and cover well, even their whites.   It paints like liquid Velvet.  You won’t believe […]

Trashy Tuesday Diary of a Dumpster Diver Dear Diary: I have a problem.  I can’t stop Diving into Dumpsters and lurking around them.  I can’t stop looking for someone’s cast off furniture, home decor, craft supplies, etc. Every Monday morning I can hardly wait to get my kids to school so I can go Dumpster Diving. […]

Trashy Tuesday The Inside of the Dumpster Every Trashy Tuesday I share with you what I FOUND that week in and around Dumpsters. Road Side Pick Ups and just Free Junk.  This week, I thought I would share a bit of what it looks like inside that Dumpster Container. If you are an experienced Dumpster […]

Trashy Tuesday Make Room For My JUNK Did you know there is a Universal truth of JUNK? Yep.  And I am here to tell you how it works.  If you are like me, you just can’t stop yourself from Dumpster Diving.  ESPECIALLY at the end of the month when people might be moving out of rentals….. […]