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Trashy Tuesday Junk Just Finds Me Truly, sometimes I barely look for it.  It somehow finds its way to my home. Truly, Junk Just Finds Me.  I don’t always go looking for it.  In fact, I have cut back my dumpster diving time severely.  My garage runneth over with projects!   But when I get a […]

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  This week definitely had a theme. Here is a hint, they are round, they are square, they are short, they are tall, and this week, I found them all!   Tables!  And a cabinet with potential, a nice floor lamp (not pictured) plus 6 VERY solid oak chairs that go with the […]

Cold Weathered Wood Coffee Table This post originally appeared January 2013. Due to serious computer problems, it is being recycled! The weather here is Sunny and Clear, but COLD!  (Well, I guess cold is relative), but anything below 50 is cold to me.  I thought I would take advantage of the clear skies to get […]