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Trashy Tuesday The Inside of the Dumpster Every Trashy Tuesday I share with you what I FOUND that week in and around Dumpsters. Road Side Pick Ups and just Free Junk.  This week, I thought I would share a bit of what it looks like inside that Dumpster Container. If you are an experienced Dumpster […]

Red Desk with Dark Kukui Stained Top What happens when you cross a Jersey Tomato Red color with a Dark Hawaiian Kukui Stained Top?  You get magic.  And a beautiful new creation.  Don’t you love the play of the Tomato Red with the Dark Kukui Stain?  I got this desk for FREE from my Hairapist.  She […]

A Study in Desks,  I am finding some great deals on desks through Craig’s list lately. This one was so particularly adorable. I love the legs, the detail on the feet, and the lovely lines of the drawer fronts. Solid wood, particularly hard to find these days! The previous owner had started a stripping and […]