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Cold Weathered Wood Coffee Table This post originally appeared January 2013. Due to serious computer problems, it is being recycled! The weather here is Sunny and Clear, but COLD!  (Well, I guess cold is relative), but anything below 50 is cold to me.  I thought I would take advantage of the clear skies to get […]

Yep, It’s Leather, and I Painted It! Did you know you can paint and even crackle on leather?  I recommend Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint.  It’s an all natural Clay Based paint. The Clay base makes it an excellent product to stick to just about ANY surface, especially leather!  I love how it rehabbed this […]

Dresser Dressed in Layers and Glaze Do you see pieces of furniture with gorgeous layers of color?  It’s glaze!  Glazing is something that can take some practice, but so worth trying!  There are endless ways to use glaze.  Here I am showing a traditional way to use glaze, to make something look antiqued.  I got […]

Dumped Dresser – Don’t be a Stressor Have you come across a dumped Dresser?  One that is missing some or all of its drawers?  It can be a chore, to replace all those drawers!  Often I will sigh, at the shortsightedness of the guy (or gal) that heave hoed the dresser to its fate, often […]

Mixology, Two Snooty French Girls, a Dresser, a Nightstand and a big mess before Happy Monday friends!  It was beautiful here Friday, which was  a good thing, because I was running my tail off at a very busy Paris Flea Market sale.  I came home that night and went right to work again.  I had to […]

Le Chool is the Thing Do you have any of these Chairs in your home?  They were mass produced circa 1975. I happened to have a nice stash myself.  Originally purchased from various thrift stores, given to me by moving neighbors, and just plain showed up on my door step. Over the years, they have […]