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Top Ten Junk Makeovers

My Top Ten Favorite Junk Makeovers from my years as a Dumpster Diver, Furniture Makeover artist. Showing you how you can turn old, ugly and free into amazing and gorgeous

7 Surprising Tips For Finding Free Furniture! 1 Tip for Every Day of the Week! Imagine how much you can pick up, RIGHT NOW! Seriously.  How did I go from this? Clean, orderly garage, car fits in nicely. To this???  Packed to the gils, furniture everywhere. I can squeeze my van in there but only […]

How to Make a Door Chalkboard from a bunch of Junk (This post was originally written in 2012, but the instructions remain the same, paint brand has changed) Do you remember this thing I pulled out of le garbage? My client had texted me the night before I found this, asking if I could make […]