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Trashy Tuesday New Years Resolutions Happy Tuesday! If you have been around here awhile, it’s been a while since you have heard from me! This doesn’t mean I have stopped my trashy habits of Dumpster Diving or Upcycling.  I just haven’t shared in a while because 2017 was busy! Here’s a recap of some of the […]

Vintage Botanical Dresser  Yes, it’s ME!  I have something new and exciting to share with you. Well, something old that I made look even older.  But New To You! My Vintage Botanical Dresser.  Vintage Botanical is not my usual MO, but I decided to try something out of my comfort zone.  Try it, it’s good […]

Trashy Tuesday Digging for Junk Happy Trashy Tuesday!  I have been Digging for Junk.  Literally!  About a week ago I got a text from friends who have recently relocated to “land” in the country from “suburban home” in my neighborhood.   Along with having more space, they also inherited a lot of Junk. I was […]

Trashy Tuesday Free Furniture Yep, you read that right.  I found a whole bunch of Free Furniture.  Or, some may consider it a whole bunch of junk.  Perception and attitude is everything right? Want to know something REALLY WEIRD?  I found this Memo board.  I MADE and sold at least 5 years ago ….in a […]

Watching Time Turn Into a Mirror This post was originally posted several years ago, but it’s a timeless classic and could easily be done with old clocks from thrift stores, etc. I had this old clock, that I LOVED but the clock was dying a slowwwwww death. The company I bought it from has long […]

Trashy Tuesday, The Furniture Pile Hello, welcome to a longggggg…..overdue edition of Trashy Tuesday.  As life happens, life took over my life. But!  It did not slow down my Dumpster diving, Trash snooping, Roadkill rescue, junking ways. I still brake for junk. I have however, set some serious limits for myself.  I have a big […]

Love Sign from Cabinet Door

Show me a Sign of your Love Do you need somebody to love? Do you need something to love? Do you remember my JOY sign? Valentine’s Day is approaching fast.  Make your loved ones this LOVE Sign for your favorite Valentines. I work hard every day of my life I work till I ache my […]

Trashy Table Makeover This table was trashed.  I found it….where else?  Next to a Dumpster! It sat in my garage for a long time.  Sort of like all the other Junk I collect.  There must be a “curing” period for my trash.  It goes like this:  Get the urge to Dumpster Dive.  Find Something amazing.  Drag […]

Trashy Tuesday Free Stuff Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where it is usually Wednesday by the time I get this post up!   Who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?  I do, as long as it is good Free Stuff.  The last week was filled with Free Stuff coming my way.  Most of it pretty darn good. Suffering […]

Trashy Tuesday Create a Photo Gallery Wall for Cheap Hello!  It’s Trashy Tuesday again, but it is actually Wednesday  by the time this goes in the can.  Have you always wanted to have a show stopper Photo Gallery Wall, but the cost of the frames, the math of figuring out where they all go, or […]

Reclaimed Wood Sign Tutorial Where the heck have I been?  Busy!  I’ve got loads of Trash to share with you, but today I am going to show you how to make this amazing Reclaimed Wood Sign FOR FREE.  Have you noticed how lovely and simplified my blog looks?  I am SO HAPPY.  You can be […]

Trashy Tuesday Broken Chairs Welcome to Trashy Tuesday and Broken Chairs and Chairs! More broken chairs and chairs you ask?  Why yes!  The more broken and the more chairs the better. Actually, not better.  But when it comes to chairs, I just can’t stop myself. Imagine the possibilities that are out there for broken chair parts and […]