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Trashy Tuesday – House of Junk Is your house literally full of junk?  Mine is, in a roundabout way.  If you are new here, take a look at my junk makeovers.  About 90% of the furniture in my house is upcycled, JUNK.  Exhibit A.  My Bench Made Entirely of Junk complete with Shoe Storage from […]

Trashy Tuesday Diary of a Dumpster Diver Dear Diary: I have a problem.  I can’t stop Diving into Dumpsters and lurking around them.  I can’t stop looking for someone’s cast off furniture, home decor, craft supplies, etc. Every Monday morning I can hardly wait to get my kids to school so I can go Dumpster Diving. […]

Trashy Tuesday, Truth in Trash and My Side Yard! Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, where we talk trash, literally.  This is a show and tell episode of Trashy Tuesday.  I show, then I tell, and you can leave me a comment and tell me about your trashy piles too! Before we get to all the Truth […]

Old Drawers turned into Planters! Looking for New Ideas for Planters?  How about using old drawers? I was recently mourning the fact that the Pie Safe I had rescued from a Dumpster many months ago had finally gone to Pie Safe Heaven.  You can read about that find HERE.  It was in the saddest condition […]

Don’t drop your drawers….into the trash that is, Redoux them! If you are like me, you may have a slight problem with throwing out things that you “think” you will use again in some future project.  For many of you, it might be craft items.  For me, it is always the same story.  Drawers.  I […]