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Visiting the Blog Today – Jenny from Glitterfarm At Jenny’s Glitterfarm Site you can see some of her beautiful work, great How To Videos, and meet Jenny herself.  I thought I would delve a little deeper into the artist and retailer behind the Glitterfarm Organic Glamour Company.  Here’s Jenny: Jenny: Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m a maker who wrangles kids, […]

What Wood You Find in a Dumpster Welcome to Trashy Tuesday!  Whatever day of the week it is, I like JUNK.  I like peaking around Dumpsters, cruising neighborhoods for curb side treasures and anything free. The last few weeks have been a boon of decent finds for me, and always when I need something!  Check […]

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday Cleaning out the Garage…..Again! If you are a regular around these parts, does this seem like deja vu to you?  It does to me too.  I have an illness, it is called Dumpsterdivitis.  It is an addiction to Dumpster Diving and I can’t seem to stop and it takes over my […]

Welcome to Decorating From a Dumpster Redoux Office Tour! Finally!!!  My Decorating from a Dumpster Redoux Office Tour is ready for its close up. Quick, check out the post before it gets all messed up again!   Manny my dumpster found mannequin with the splatter paint job stands sentinel to my office o’ junk.   Step inside.  That’s […]

Best DIY Link Party at The Handmade Hangout Week 7 You share you projects here at Redouxinteriors and have them linked and shown on FIVE different blogs!  Link once, your project goes to FIVE places! Thank you so much for all the talent you share at Best DIY Link Party at The Handmade Hangout Week 7! Here […]

 Blogland Tour Continues at Redouxinteriors A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Larissa at Prodigal Pieces to join the tour through Blogland.  So fun!  If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Larissa’s blog, it is a must follow.  Larissa has beautiful painted furniture, upcycled decor and a beautiful blog.   Larissa also has a beautiful Etsy […]

One Week Home DIY Challenge. One week, no husband, no kids.  Just me and the dog. My kids are all going to various camps for the entire week next week.  Suffering Husband is going to my girl’s church camp to assist.  This leaves me.  ALONE FOR ONE WEEK! Technically, it is 5.5 days, but who […]

Welcome to Trashy Tuesday, Curbside Dining and My Trashy Office I feel so spoiled, but lately I don’t have to look too far for freebies. They seem to find me!  I am a Mormon and we often have the LDS (Mormon) missionaries in our home.  We have a sweet pair of Sister Missionaries serving in […]

Garage Organized using Junk. Is your garage full of junk?  Keeping  your garage neat and organized is hard! Especially if you a)have children and their equipment b)restore and refurbish furniture c)collect a lot of junk.  I am all of the aforementioned. Last year my friend Emma (organizer extraordinaire) came to my rescue and helped me […]

Make a Work Bench from Wood Pallet! If you are new to REDOUX then you should know, I love nothing more than “FREE JUNQUE”!  I have an (unhealthy my husband would probably say) obsession with things people throw away.  For as long as I can remember, I have loved “making things”. And if I make […]