Who is GTC?

My Great Grandmother (my Nana) lived with my family when I was a teenager. I was quite the social kind of girl and always flitting off to something fun, so my Nana called me Good Time Charlie, I was always up for a good time. Not much has changed. I always manage to work some fun into my day.
Here is more of the family album, if you are into that sort of thing….
The famous “Nana”, my Great Grandma, my Grandma,
my Great Aunt Margie, and my mom as a baby on Margie’s lap. 
Aren’t they gorgeous?
The Good Time Charlie beginning. Yes, this is about how we all looked in the 70’s…..

More very awkward family pictures, look away, I understand. 
Mr. and Mrs. My favorite man in the world 🙂
My favorite women, my sisters and mom.

I have gorgeous sisters and a gorgeous mom, both inside and out.
Quite possibly the world’s cutest children. (In my opinion)
My mom, the world’s best stepfather, Mark and me. Celebrating Mom and Todd’s 4th anniversary!
The world’s biggest Giant’s fans. Well, not really, but we try.
Oh yeah, our beloved dog, Keiki snuck in on this picture too. 
Now, do you want those 5 minutes of your life back that you spent looking at my family photos?

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