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About Karen

I am that person who will talk to anyone in a grocery store line, dance in public to a song with a good beat, and laugh so hard I cry, all of these things on a fairly regular basis.

As a kid, I was a serial maker. I never outgrew this and now as an adult, (I think I am an adult?) I can’t stop making things, upcycling things, and creating things.

Mom of 3 grown kids and two dogs that will never grow up. I am an expert mess maker and excel with every project I do in making a giant, creative mess.

Thoroughly enjoying the Empty Nester stage of life with my beloved (aka Suffering Husband). I have a garage filled with junk waiting to be restored and a passion to teach others how to makeover their old stuff. I have a bit of a problem with Dumpster Diving, (it’s like winning the lottery when you find the good stuff) and saying “no” to amazing free furniture….hence my garage.

About Redoux Interiors

Redoux interiors started out of necessity. PRE – Internet, can you believe there was such a time?

As a young mom, we had very little “extra” income to create a beautiful home. I began scouring books about painting furniture, creating the “European look” of aged, old layered paint, and started experimenting not only on my furniture but my friends who were willing to take a risk along with me.

Word got around that I was the “paint lady” and a business began. I started writing the blog “Redoux Interiors” as a way to share my work and connect with other creatives. What started as a very small DIY Blogger community turned into an entire movement and way of life.

My mission is simple: To inspire, educate and motivate others to use what they have, repurpose what was once cast off, and fall in love with their homes. All without spending a ton of money.

A beautiful home should be within reach of every budget and every skill level. My goal is to share with you the many ways you can easily transform old things that you would be proud to show off in your home.

I don’t take my decor too seriously, it should be fun, lived in, and easy to change up. Just like life! It’s all meant to be enjoyed and enhance your world both for you, your family, and everyone who enters your home. I want to inspire you to feel proud of the environment you create, and not stress about having to invest too much in it.

I hope we will be friends, it’s fun around here and I can’t wait to get to know you. -Much love, Karen

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