Roadkill Rescue #5! Roadside Plank Topped Table

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Can you believe it?  Beckie Farant, the creative genius behind ROADKILL RESCUE is featuring another of my projects.
If you are new to my blog, then you may have not seen this one:
My Roadside Plank topped Farm Table
Plank Top table WITH BANNER
The table was already a free to me from a friend who had moved, poor little table was left behind…..It was serving as my outdoor patio table, perfectly happy, but waiting for an upgrade.
One day I received a text from a friend.
“Big pile of wood planks off Highway 4, on the gravel, room enough to pull over”.
 (I pulled over where the arrow is…)
This is what I found, they were very dirty
I cleaned them thoroughly by first a good power wash, to remove the large chunks of dirt and debris.  Next, I got to work scrubbing them with a ton TSP and hot water, and a little help from Mr. Red:
After cleaning them up with Mr. Red, my helper, I secured them to the table.  I did this by first doing a “dry fit”.  It is kind of like putting a puzzle together, and you have to see how each plank fits together, then change them around a bit for a tight fit.  Once I had the look I wanted, I used Gorilla Glue, and weighted the planks down to dry. Next I drilled pilot holes at each end, then used long screws to secure them to the table.  When the planks were set in place, I used a skill saw to do a rough chop on each end, then sanded the ends until smooth.  I sealed them with several coats of an outdoor poly, and VOILA
We have a gorgeous new Table
I love the variation in the color and the imperfectness of it.
There is much more to the story, like the fact I broke the speed limit and then some to get my car pool to dance so I could get back and grab the planks.  I wasn’t exactly equipped for the job,  I was in heels and a skirt.  Do I let a nice outfit come between me and some “junque”?  NON!  A nice man pulled over to help me because he thought the boards had fallen out of my car then looked at me like I was crazy when I told him I was picking them up off the highway.  It was quite the process to get them clean, but so worth it!


  1. Rachel @ SuiteRevival

    What a great table!! The planks looks so good, like they were meant for that table!

    And I love the good samaritan 🙂

  2. Helen

    Wonderful, what is not to like about 'free'?

  3. Cristina Garay

    Great ! the planks make it look so good! Good job.

  4. At The Picket Fence

    Awesome possum! 😉 Way to go my friend and congrats on the feature. That table is fantastic!

  5. Rachel VanHook

    I remember this post!!! It reminded me of the time I stopped to pick a window frame out of someone's trash and he came out and had a whole conversation with me–funny…I even had both my kids with me…

  6. Kacey

    Gorgeous – love it! All that work just makes you appreciate it more, right?! 🙂

  7. Debra @ Common Ground

    Somehow I can just “see this in my mind”! te he! glad you survived! the table looks fantastic!

  8. Fox Hollow Cottage

    I bow to you oh feature queen. You and Art is Beauty are fighting for the title 😉


    newest follower via linky! this looks great and the story is really funny. Would love a return follow if you want to check out my barn doors project!
    thanks, laura

  10. Ann

    Awesome table redo. Great story, too. That'll keep me smiling all day. I'm now following via Linky and GFC.

  11. micki @ ADD housewife

    I LOVE that table! Reminds me to tell the story of my green chair on my blog 😀 New follower from project queen.

  12. Pamela

    LOVE this!! I want to do something similar to our dining room table once the top wears out. Thanx for partying lady!

  13. Rachael

    This is INCREDIBLE! I love it!

  14. Wendy Hayden

    A real friend calls when there is a pile a wood on the side of the road! We should all have friends like that!

  15. Sheri

    I am really admiring your red kitchen chair stools in this post. I have searched your site to find a post on them, but have found none. Did you do a post about them?


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