Le Garbage is Gold, but to some it is just trash

Le Junque

  1. Catherine says:

    Oh maaaan do I want that (b-day) chair!
    **I have dumpster-envy!

  2. Susan Stacy says:

    I love to “junk” and try to do so everywhere — dumpsters, curbsides, sidewalks, house sales, etc. and I am never embarassed to do it. I have found many treasures. Some people either have no imagination or are too concerned about what somebody might say . . .

  3. Deb Owen says:

    I haven’t found it road side yet,( but I’m hopeful), but I have responded to someone on CL who was offering up a “free” antique oak buffet to anyone promising not to turn it into firewood. It had seen better days and we did have to rope it together just to get it home in mostly one piece. But it has so many amazing possibilities and I am so happy that they recognized that it was more than they would ever be capable of handling and passing it on to someone who will spend the time and money to piece it together again. I am always amazed at GW and other thrift stores with what people dispose of. So, I’d join you on your soap box if you wanted to get on one!

  4. Deanna says:

    Ok, now I gotta look in dumpsters, lol. Boy my hubby’s gonna be happy with me … just kidding. When I use to live in a townhouse I found next to the dumpster a FULL set of Pfaltzgraff dishes. They weren’t me colors at the time so I ended up selling em but a full set? Since I’m not really around a dumpster, I tend to just roadside hunt : )

  5. Jill says:

    Your blog is absolutely inspirational and is, in a small way, changing the way I think about things. I may be the person who has been putting out great finds on my curb for you to find, take, and re-purpose. Please continue to educate me so I can grow. I’m pleased to say that I did stop this morning on my way to work, to check out some “offerings” my neighbor was donating to the dump…

  6. Emma says:

    Talk about dumpster envy? Our “recycle” center promises retribution to those who take from the dumpsters instead of leaving a deposit. Guess I need to check out the big grey bins behind the shopping center in town. There are a couple of interesting possibilities. But first I need to repair and repaint a tall bureau, a Restore table and Restore table and 6 chairs, a tripod table, a quilt rack, and my own 1960s bedroom suite. Only then can I bring home anymore, as the car wants to return to its garage.
    But thanks for the burst of energy, imagination, and goodwill (no pun intended) you have shot right into the middle of my day…..

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